Thursday, August 4, 2011


Today is going to be such a great day!!!  We are going to Zoya's house to meet for the first time a WONDERFUL  FAMILY!!!  A family that has followed our journey since the beginning.  This family has donated to our account is seems bi-weekly since our Family Sponsor Page has been up and we are so grateful to them!!  They even sent a care package a couple months ago with treats for all to enjoy.  Teri has given endless support to me and I know how BLESSED I am to have her as a friend!!  Knowing I am going to meet her today and get to hug the lady that has been there for me every time I needed someone - well it is emotionally overwhelming!!!!

I am so thankful for the Amazing people I have met since starting our international adoption journeys!!  I could of never imagined having so many TRUE FRIENDS!!!!  The ones that LOVE us unconditionally and never give up on us no matter what!!!!  The ones that don't think we are crazy and understand why we are adopting AGAIN.  The ones that send us e/m's and messages of continuous support.  Molly is ones of these very TRUE FRIENDS!!!!  She also has followed our journey since the beginning and I will be blogging about her very soon.  She is the reason our account went up $100 yesterday and she is the reason I was jumping up and down in my kitchen like a lunatic!!!!!  Thank you so much Molly!!!!

We Are So Blessed


  1. Hope you have a wonderful wonderful visit!


  2. Love you lady! Cannot WAIT to snuggle that sweet boy.