Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Catch up post!!!

So many things going on and I have so much I want to share!

Okay - first - the prayer request I sent out last week - I will be able to share soon how absolutely AMAZING things have worked out!!!  So Thank You So Much!!!!!

Donations - Oh My!!!!!  We are so GRATEFUL!!!!!  The LOCOCO FAMILY  and the Mueller Family both donated to our adoption!!!!  Thank you to both of these families!!!  The truth is - money is tight - very tight!!!  We have had to cancel some home improvements we had scheduled just to make ends meet.  It is all very worth it and every donation helps so much!!!!  So please - if able - donate just a few dollars - Thank you!!!!

Vacation Bible School - Owen and Sara are going to Bemus Point Methodist church every morning and they are having a wonderful time.  Owen did have to go to time-out yesterday for climbing on the table.  I wonder if we have any pictures on this blog showing Owen on tables - I sure hope not - because I of course acted very shocked when the teacher told me he would do such a thing.

Therapy - Bellie is doing so great in therapy!!  I just can't believe the changes.  She is pulling up to stand all the time now and she is taking beautiful steps while holding our hands.  Look out - Bellie is on the MOVE!!!  How in the world did they just keep her in a crib 24/7 - they sure did steal valuable time from this precious princess but she isn't looking back for one second!!!!!  

Adoption update - well our dossier is complete - YAY!!!  Well except for the approval from immigration but that could take 4 - 6 weeks - blah!!!  So truly we could be traveling in October - can you believe it?  We could be snuggin up that sweet little boy in OCTOBER - I can't even believe it!!!!  So another donation plug if you don't mind - Please donate!!!!!!  Thanks!!!!  Here we come Gavin - your Mom so can't wait to love you up!!!!!!

 Owen Lovin up his little sister
 This just cracks me up - not sure why Owen thinks he has to lift up his shirt in the kiddie pool.  I asked if he thought he should pull up his shorts and he looked at me like I was crazy!  
 Still holding up his shirt for the puddle!!  Now I am super confused!!!!!
 I swear I don't have a foot fetish - but Bellie has the cutest feet I have ever seen and I just can't get enough!!!!
 Conor Loves his sister so much!!!  He never misses out on an opportunity to hold her!!  When she goes missing - I know where to find her - wherever Conor is!!!!
 The pool was too cold for Bellie so she decided to sit poolside blowing raspberries while her brother and sister freeze!
Sara has no idea at all that Owen is about to pour water on her head!!   These kids sure keep me busy and I wouldn't have it any other way!!!!  So can't wait for Gavin to join in on all this madness!!!!!

I want to Thank all of you so much for following our journey to Belle - following her as she blossoms in to the little girl GOD had planned - following our journey to Gavin and Praying every time we need it!!!  You guys are the BEST and I will always be forever GRATEFUL!!!  


  1. I do love me some little feet!! And that little foot is adorable!!!
    Hurry with the sharing part!!! I've come up with all these different scenarios in my overly creative/dramatic head. LOL

  2. I love how Conor tries to be all "cool" on the outside, but he can't hide how much he loves his siblings!!! He's AWESOME. (as are all your kids) Man I MISS THEM! and YOU! Belle is doing amazingly well and I can't wait to see Gavin come home too! You better expect a visit! Also, SG and Owen are such a little dynamic duo. Love it.

  3. I LOVE the piggy pictures! Keep em coming!