Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Family Pictures Sneak Peek

Oh My Goodness!!!  I have so many things to BLOG about - so many beautiful amazing things!!!  But time is not being kind to me when it comes to blogging!!

But, I had to absolutely find a moment to share a sneak peek of our family pictures!!!  I am so thrilled - so crazy excited with what Elisha was able to capture!!!  Now , I know you all probably know by now it isn't hard to make me happy cry!!!  So yes, of course I cried when I saw these!!!   When I see my children captured exactly the way I see them - well it's MAGIC!!!  Elisha, you did it my FRIEND - and I am so very GRATEFUL!!!!!!

Please go take a look at our pictures:  http://thatstalk.elishaorin.com/


  1. BEAUTIFUL family!


  2. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family. Thank you for all of your support for Speaking for the Silent. I have one happy young man in my house tonight!

  3. Beautiful pics, beautiful family! You will have to this again when Gavin is home!!

  4. Gorgeous Gorgeous Gorgeous! All of your kids are stunning. I love them. and I miss the big three. I kind of absolutely love them. and want my younger sister to marry Conor.... (don't worry Conor, she's super cute)