Sunday, August 28, 2011

She is just changing so much

Honestly, I just cant believe how much this girl is changing.  I am GRATEFUL everyday that we are the blessed  ones to witness this most AMAZING transition of a little lost soul to a breathtaking beauty full of electrifying spirit!!!!
 February 2010
 December 2010

 January 2011
 February 2011
 March 2011

 April 2011
 May 2011
 June 2011
 July 2011

And soon we will be able to watch Gavin blossom - We are so Truly Blessed!!!!


  1. SUCH a big difference...the last picture is just stunning!


  2. Totally amazing!!! God is SO GOOD! :-)

  3. She doesn't seem the same girl anymore! She's doing so well, I can't believe someone thought she wasn't worth anything! How wrong they were, GOD has big plans for your girl Summer! She's already changing lives!

  4. Wow! She looks like a three year old and most importantly she looks so well loved!

  5. Amazing what LOVE, excellent medical attention and Good Nutrition can do for a person.

    Bellie you're beautiful and amazing!