Monday, August 29, 2011

Introducing Lucy, Toby, Gracie & Sophie

I can't believe I have been blogging for a year and I haven't introduced four of our family members!

 These are some seriously spoiled Jack Russel Terriers
 These dogs fit right it with the kids
Owen and Gracie are placing an order at Sara's Restaurant

 Gracie was not very patient waiting for her food 
 Toby likes to go for a ride in the wagon as long as he has a lap to sit on
 He will let Belle do what ever she wants to him - he really is such an Awesome Dog
Who doesn't love a Belle hug????
 Gracie is right in the action - ALL THE TIME
 Lucy is the laziest of the four and she is always Moody. 
She thinks she is the BOSS!!  
And then our sweet little Sophie!  Poor Sophie looks more like a rodent then a dog.  The vet diagnosed her with a collapsing trachea - crazy I know.  She isn't able to bark with this diagnosis but she sure does try and oh my - it is pathetic.  I do LOVE her but she truly is one very strange little creature.

And guess what?  I will be introducing our guinea pigs next week.  


  1. I felt the same way when I finally introduced Chance and Dewey (our two dachshunds) on my blog!


  2. First the amazing kids and now cute little furry kids! I knew I loved you Summer!

  3. Our long haired chihuahua also has a collapsing trachea, she can still yap with the best of 'em but snores like an old man. It is pretty hard to believe that much noise can come out of a 5 lb dog :) I must say, all of your family members are very cute!

  4. What a busy household you have. We have 4 dogs too, or as I say 4 other children they are just 4 legged! :)