Saturday, August 27, 2011

Help Us Solve The Mystery

Mystery:  Does Belle like ice cream?

Subject:  3 yr old Female
Name:  Isabelle
Hair Color:  Light Brown
Eye Color:  Prettiest Blue Ever
Subject looks pretty laid back
photo taken morning of 8/24/2011

The subject has had ice cream about 50 times since being home in the USA
The subject will push food away if she is done eating
The subject will growl if you try and feed her something she doesn't like 
The subject is Beautiful (not sure if this is relevant but the MOM insists we include this FACT)

This video was brought in to evidence this evening.  We have been unsuccessful in solving this case for 7 months.  We Need Your HELP!!!

WARNING  :  The subjects Mother has a very annoying laugh - We apologize for any damage this my cause!!! 

Does Isabelle like Ice Cream?
Please leave a comment with your professional opinion

Thank You In Advance for Your Help!!!!


  1. In my professional opinion...

    She LOVES icecream...and does NOT love the cold!


  2. I think yes, she likes it! and she's just being a stinker lol and I agree with the mom, the fact that the subject is absolutely BEAUTIFUL had to be included lol I love your posts Summer!

  3. LOL Soo sweet and tooo funny!!! :D

    I say YES! Though she isn't always sure of her decision! :)

  4. Affirmative. The beautiful subject sure does like ice cream!

  5. Yep, I agree with Brooke. She loves the taste, but not the cold. :-) Just way TOO cute!!

  6. Ice cream....yes. Cold stuff...probably not. ;-)

  7. Think it's too cold for her poor little teeth - do they make Sensodyne toothpaste for kids? That works for me!

  8. Oh gosh, that is the cutest thing EVER!!! :D

  9. Reminds me of the videos of Zoya and Shawn with her going back for a second bite of ice cream after not liking the first one. LOL