Saturday, August 27, 2011


 Belle is Just Loving Life - And I'm Just Loving HER!!!!
 Honestly, I can't tell you what this smile does to my heart!!!!
 I Love it so much when she smiles so big she can't even keep her eyes open
 Have I mentioned that Owen likes to wear costumes?  
And Yes, a tree skirt is fair game
 Off to the playground - Notice we have an open spot for Gavin!!!!!!
 She is so Silly!!!!!
 Love a Good Action Shot!!!  Go Owen - GO!!!!
 Just pondering sweet thoughts
 Owen is showing Belle how to slide
 Yep, that would be Dad at the bottom of the slide
 OKAY STOP!!!!!  You need to click on the picture above and maximize it!!!  LOOK AT DAVE!!!!
He is a BIG HOT MESS!!!!  Oh My - this picture makes me laugh so hard i should wear a depends!!!  
 Phew - he survived!!!!!  LOL

 Now look at those smiles!!!  I am so BLESSED to witness this amazing LOVE!!!!!
 How about that face - that is a girl on a mission
 Oh My - Do I LOVE THAT BOY!!!!!!!!
 And look at this Sweet Smile!!!!  A constant reminder how very very lucky I am!!!!!
 TA - DA
 More Yummy Smiles!!!!  
 I was actually taking this picture of Owen but had to post it because I LOVE that big kid in the background!!!
 I Love Her, I Love Her, I Love Her, I Love Her, I Love Her,
I Love Her
 Now it wouldn't be a real life day if we didn't have a little Sara drama
 Dad consoles the princess
 And then Owen decides he will try the Drama route
But Dad was too busy walking the balance beam to console him so Owen went on his way!!!
Nothing like ending a post with one EXTRAORDINARY BEAUTIFUL ANGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!
I So Love This Girl!!!!!!

Please Continue to PRAY for 
That Her Forever Family Will Be Found ASAP


  1. Bellie's pigtails=best pigtails ever. I feel so blessed to have seen the story behing those pigtails evolve, sweet girl will never have her head shaved again! I love you all, so much xxxx

  2. Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing those precious little ones with us!


  3. Love all the photos! And Owen's costume...he seems like a total hoot! My kind of kid, for sure! And...I agree, love how that daddy plays with his kids! It's a beautiful, rare thing!

  4. That Dave photo is to funny! I think the orphanage would totally love that big bow!