Thursday, August 11, 2011

A handstand he wants - A handstand he will GET!!!!!

Ashley posted this comment yesterday "'re hilarious! If this is your reaction to $100...I can't imagine what you'll do if someone donates $200...?! :) God is Good!!!"

Well our account went up $200 today and Mr. Miglvray thought a handstand would be appropriate!  So I told Dave that if it went up $200 today (which I was sure it wouldn't) I would have to do a handstand.  You know what my sweet supportive husband said to me?????

"Gravity might not be that kind to you anymore"

Really sweetie????  Hmmmmm!!!! 

So since the Mcgilvray family brought the donations up to $200 (i still can't even believe it) today and a handstand is what the man wants - well then - a handstand he will get!!!!!  I wish I knew who the others that donated are - Please tell  me who you are - I can NOT wait a week to Thank you Personally!!!!

 I will do one on the front porch!!!
 I will do one in the front yard - with pom pom's in my socks!!!!!
 I will do one in a pool!!!!  (of course with NO water - let's not get too crazy)
And for an extra bonus
  the cameraman wanted to show his appreciation to all of you that are helping bring his little brother Gavin HOME!!!!!!


  1. oh my gosssshhhh!!!!! Summer!!!!!! Hilarious!!!!! I especially like the pom-poms in the socks :) Toooo funny :)

  2. OH WOW Summer!!! I did not know you are such a CHAMP in doing handstands!!!! Really, I am DEFINITELY IMPRESSED, dear FRIEND!!!!

  3. Impressive! lol! Dare I ask what will happen if someone donates $300?



  4. Ok I am super duper impressed! I can't WAIT to share this tonight!

    I might add you look MARVELOUS doing them too.....


  5. WOW! I can't do that!! haha I'm so happy that the donations keep coming! Gavin needs to come home!!

  6. Looooooooooove it! You're the best mama! and hug Conor for me.

  7. Hmmmm....can the stunt woman do a cartwheel? Hoping to find out tomorrow :) Gavin has a pretty amazing Momma, and I thought that even before the handstands.

  8. Watch out Mary Lou Retton! Summer, you are too funny. The Olympics are next summer in London. You better let the gymnastics team know that you are coming. So happy for you that your FSP keeps increasing.