Thursday, August 11, 2011

Love, Owen, Belle & Sara

To:  All that have Donated to our Adoption!!!!!
(the girl who does donations for Reece's Rainbow is on vacation so I have no idea who in the world has been donating the last few days and I hate not being able to thank your personally.  So the little 3 decided they would do a little something for all of you that have helped to bring their brother home!!!)

Honestly, when I checked our blog today and realized it went up another $100 I had to sit down!!!  I am just in complete aw of your generosity!!!!  And that you must know that we Love this little boy and that we are able to give him a loving home - well it is so HUGE!!!!

Thank you so much for believing in us!!!! 
 I can't tell you what it means!!!!


  1. PSSSSTTTTT!!!!! You need to go check your balance at the end of the day. I was "ordered" to not wait and I "THINK" the old man here is hoping that you will be doing handstands soon! LOL It was for your comment that you said last night that I told him you told me to not be so hard on him. :)

    We love you guys and YES Gavin will have a great home with you all.

  2. Love love love the sidewalk chalk thank you :-)