Friday, August 12, 2011

Fingerprints and Poor Nick

Our fingerprint notice came in the mail today!!!  YAY!!!  We are scheduled for the 26th of this month.  But that is forever away - so we are going to do a "walk in" on Tuesday.  Please Pray that we wont be turned away!!!!  Thank you so much!!!!!  We are getting closer and closer to our sweet little Gavin - I can hardly stand it!!!!  Oh boy I will be doing some serious loving on that handsome treasure when I get my hands on him!!!!

Now for the poor Nick story:  Nick is 13 and enjoys sleeping in the living room on the couch.  Well this is all fine and dandy except when the toddlers are bored and need something to do.  So playing Doctor on their sleeping brother was top on the list for fun things to do today.

 Dr. Sara, Dr. Owen and Dr. Belle all assessed the patient
(i'm still not sure why Belle brought a balloon to the exam)
 It was clear to all the Doctor's that this patient was very ill.  The patient wasn't cooperating and was hiding under his blanket but this did not stop these very dedicated Doctors!!!
They knew the only thing that would cure him would obviously be a SHOT!!!!
 Oh no - the patient heard what the Doctors were planning and he strongly disagreed
 Dr. Belle thought warming him up with her beautiful smile would probably relax him enough so that her fellow physicians could give the injection
 Dr. Sara tried to talk to him and explain how very important this injection was to his current condition
Dr. Belle decided she would snug him back to sleep
Then she grabbed her stethoscope to reassess the patient and make sure an injection was truly necessary
Dr. Belle confirmed that it was definitely necessary and asked the other Doctors to Prep the Patient
Dr. Sara prepped the injection site

Bedside music was a must!!!!
This Doctor decided he better put down his guitar and do some quick reading.  He needed to  refresh himself quickly with how to administer an injection
Then BAM - that was it!!!  
Dr. Sara got the job done!!!  
Yes the patient did experience a little bit of pain but my goodness they SAVED his life!!!!  
One day he will understand but for now he might just decide to sleep in his bed!!!!

The End


  1. lol! Loved the story line on this one :) Love how Bellie is just...well...Bellie! Your family is precious and I am lucky to follow your journey to add to it again! God bless!


  2. Oh my goodness I needed this SO much today! I love the play by play action commentary.

    And well as for Nick, sorry buddy but the doctors have to do what they have to do! Bellie her mission is to be cute and loving, success!