Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back to Earth!!!

Phew - I am back!!  I had one nasty little trip where NO MAN or 5'1" women should go!!  To the deep dark nasty thoughts of negativity!!!  Yep - I was there!!!!  But Now I am back!!!!  All of you amazing people that left comments, e/m'd me, messaged me, texted (is that a word?) me, called me!!!  Well  YOU ALL put me on a non stop flight back to positive- ville!!!  And I sure do LOVE IT here!!!!!  Thank you so much!!!  I am the luckiest girl in the world!!!  And I am so glad I wrote my dark post because like some of you said, I needed to throw it out there and I so needed all of YOU!!!!  I needed all those wonderful reminders that I am so not alone in this and Steph is so right "When Satan is knocking at your door, simply say,"Jesus, could you get that for me?"!!!  And I Love  that Erin reminded me that Gavin is absolutely worth every worry, every tear, every dollar - every everything!!!!  Thank you so much - All of you!!!!  And all you Mom's that shared that you too went to the yucky dark nasty place - Thank you!!!!  

Now for a drum roll please!!!!!

Dave & Summer Spitz 
would like to announce
they successfully had their fingerprints done today
so that they may bring home 
A Beautiful Little Boy 

I know - crazy - from one extreme to the other!!!  This is not a boring ride - that is for sure!!!  A little bumpy and twisty turny but what do I expect when the destination is to a precious treasure????

Oh yes, this precious treasure is worth it ALL!!!!


  1. I"m so glad lots of people sent you comments and stuff to bring you back to earth... I wanted to but I was stuck using this dumb computer that only had IE on it and wouldn't let me comment.... SO while sitting here waiting for my Aaron to get out of surgery and instead of gnawing my fingers down to the bone.... I downloaded Google Chrome so I can make comments and get my mind off what they are doing to my littlest!!!

  2. YAY!


  3. Welcome Back.... the song from Welcome Back Kotter plays in my head... Yeah I'm old! LOL

    Oh that sweet boy, just look at him, yes he is so worth it.

    I Loved Steph's comment, that was great!

  4. Yay!! so happy about the fingerprints!! And YES, GAVIN is worth it ALL! Such a precious boy!

  5. oh i wish i could squeeze you!! You know I don't think we're too far apart. Could be arranged one day!

  6. GREAT news about the fingerprints! It won't be long now. :-)

    Hugs, Christina