Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Charlie's Chocolate Factory

This is Charlie
Since her sweet Mom Kelly can do some serious MAGIC in the kitchen she started
Charlie's Chocolate Factory
to help bring their little sweet treat at a time!!!

I just had the absolute pleasure of enjoying the most fantastic blondies I have EVER HAD!!!  
Thanks to Kelly!!!  
And we are helping bring her daughter home too!!!!  
This is such a WIN - WIN!!!!!

Here are some pictures that will prove the deliciousness of these treats!!! 
 (We haven't told the Big 3 yet as they would be GONE already)
 Take note of the chocolate already on Belle's face - since this was her second!!!!
 Dave was so happy that they came while he was home for lunch!!!

 Look at Owen look at that brownie!!  Like  " Hello Friend"!!!!
And then we have Sweet Sara
Who decided that she should hide the new treats
she is trying to tell me some story so i will forget that she has the whole container of blondies
As she was still telling me the story - she managed to hide the blondies in the back left corner!!

Honestly Friends,  I strongly suggest you head over to and order your self up some JOY!!!!  And let's get this sweet GIRL home to her FOREVER FAMILY!!!!!


  1. The blondies are a MUST! I AM IN LOVE WITH A BAKED GOOD! They are DELICIOUS!