Saturday, July 16, 2011

Why? Why? Why?

I remember entering an orphanage in Ukraine for the first time - like it was 10 minutes ago!!  I remember the smell, the sounds, and the emptiness!!  I remember the pit in my stomach knowing that beautiful blessings had to LIVE here.  Or better terms would be they had to SURVIVE here because this was not living.  I knew that I had to focus - focus that we were about to meet our beautiful daughter for the first time!!  But when her caretaker brought her out and held her as far away from her body as she could - I almost lost it!!!  Well - I did lose it!!!  I grabbed that sweet child and hugged her so tight!!!  I looked at Dave and asked him "WHY?"   I then asked GOD, "WHY?"
I never posted this picture before because I felt it might come across as too dramatic.  But today I  REALIZED after watching a video posted on Carringtons Courage and her perfect post - that I had made a huge mistake.  This is NOT too dramatic - this is REAL!!!!  The FEAR that anyone lives like this is REAL.  And this is at the baby house - can you imagine what my face would look like if I was in the mental institution?  The awful place that precious treasures are sent when they are just 4 years old.

We know in this house that our sweet BELLIE would of not survived the institution.  It is a FACT!!!  She was unable to walk or feed herself - so that means she would of DIED!!!  This isn't rocket science - it's just the hard awful TRUTH!!!!

Bellie and 500 plus orphans have been saved thanks to the huge efforts of  But what about all the others?  The children left behind?  WHAT ABOUT THEM?????  This is why we are going back!!!  This is why we donate to families in process of adopting.  This is why we will continue to advocate!  This is why we will NEVER EVER STOP PRAYING!!!!

This is not easy to watch at all but it is so important to SEE THE TRUTH!!!!
 Please visit these sites and help in any way you can:

Project TLC

Thank you so much!!  It is so important we all stand together!!!!!

THEY NEED US!!!!!!!!


  1. Once our eyes are opened...we can't pretend we don't know what to do <3

    Brooke Annessa

  2. Heartbreaking. God Bless you and your husband for saving Isabelle and Gavin. I pray to God that he holds the hand of each one of those children and reminds them they are not alone.

  3. Such a sad truth. Thank you for sharing your experiences and why the beautiful children on Reeces Rainbow need us! No human should have to live without love and children don't have a voice so we need to be that voice. Great post Summer.

  4. well said and hooray for action backing up yur heart! that picture of you hugging your child says it all, it has reduced me to early morning tears in the uk! it needs EVERYONE TO TAKE ACTION! if we dont then we are condoning cruelty that is beyond comprehension! thankyou dear lady for this post! xxxxxx

  5. Extremely powerful post.

    Thank you!

  6. Summer,

    I saw this video last night on Carrington's Blog. Heartbreaking, for sure. Always praying for these children and for you and the other families working so hard to bring a child home.