Monday, July 18, 2011

Quote For The New Bedroom & Adoption Update

As soon as Gavin is HOME a picture of him will go up on that wall with his brother & sister!!!!  
I can't WAIT for him to come HOME!!!!!

We have a few more fun pictures to hang and then this room will be done and sooooooo ready for Owen, Sara and GAVIN to move in!!!!!!

Adoption Update:
Medicals Done
Fingerprints Done
Homestudy should be done any minute
12 documents notarized and waiting for approval to be apostilled (we fax all documents for approval to our facilitator to check for any errors)
9 documents to be notarized today

So we are moving right along!!  As soon as we get our homestudy we will immediately mail it to Immigration for approval as this is what takes the longest.  We will have our dossier all done and complete by the time our approval comes so that we will be able to send it off to GAVIN'S country right away!!!!  So I would LOVE and I am PRAYING that we will have our dossier ready in September!!!  September 1st is the GOAL though because that day 7 years ago I married my BEST FRIEND and the MOST AMAZING MAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!!  And Gavin will be our 7Th Child - so it just all makes sense doesn't it????


  1. You guys are moving right along on everything, adoption, the new room. So very exciting!

  2. Big steps toward bringing home your Big Man! Gavin will be so loved with his amazing parents and caring siblings. Thanks for the update, I think of Gavin often :)