Friday, July 15, 2011

I Love......

 I LOVE a LAUGH that doesn't even allow you to open your eyes!!!
I LOVE how these three look at each other!!!!
 I LOVE that Big Brother's will SHARE toys with younger siblings!!!!
 I LOVE that little girls can do anything boys can do!!!!

UPDATE:  Thanks to my good friend Patty she pointed out that Nick was wearing his Reece's Rainbow shirt!!!  So I would now like to add the I LOVE a 13 yr old boy who is PROUD to be a part of the ministry that helped bring his sister home!!!!!!
I LOVE that Owen knows everything is way more FUN in a Santa Costume even if it is too small!!!
 I LOVE that Bellie thinks I'm so funny!!!!
 I LOVE a girl that is just HAPPY to hear her Mom sing her a song even if it's not very good
I LOVE a couple that goes shopping together even if one is dressed up as Spider Man and the other will have a pacifier until she is 40!!!!

Every day I find new things that I LOVE thanks to these Blessings!!!!  Amazing!!!!

Oh - and I don't have a picture but,

I LOVE getting my fingerprints done for a special little boy that we want to bring home.


  1. Hi Summer,

    What a great post. I really got a kick out of Owen's Santa Claus suit. :) Sara and Bellie look as cute as ever. Thumbs up to Nick's RR t-shirt. Yay, for finger prints getting done.

    Have a great weekend,

  2. I love that I get to follow your awesome family on the journey for another sibling to add to your cute tribe :)
    I also love fun adjectives.

  3. this post cracks me up and warms my heart....such JOY and LOVE in and around your house!!!
    Thanks for sharing dear Friend!!!

  4. Laughing so hard at the Santa suit!!!!

    Brooke Annessa

  5. I'm on the floor! That Santa suit is the cutest!!! Man. I need him on my blog for Christmas in July,LOL!!!

    Emmie is drooling on my arm as she's looking at all the pics, she's so engrossed she's not swallowing.

  6. Laughing so hard at the pacifier comment! I think my mom thought the same about me lol
    I love the pictures of your three youngest looking at each other!
    Yay! on the fingerprints!