Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Family Picture Night

I received the best gift from Jamestown Pediatrics when I left to be a stay at home MOM!!!  They gave me a gift certificate for Elisha to photograph our FAMILY!!!!!  Elisha is not only an AMAZING photographer but she is a Wonderful, Fun and a Super Sweet Woman!!!  I just LOVE her!!!!  We have had the pleasure of working with her 3 times in the last couple years.  We first met her for a Mother Daughter shoot - Tay and I had a BLAST!!!

Just two of the many she took!  We had a Mother Daughter Album made and it is so special to me!!!!

Then I called Elisha to take some pictures of Tay for her 16th Birthday!!!  When Elisha told me she wanted to take her to the library and the Laundromat I was a little confused but after I saw the pictures - I understood and was so thrilled with the outcome.

I had started this blog when we committed to adopt Lyla last year.  I wanted a family picture as our blog header but we were saving every penny so we wouldn't be able to have one taken professionally.  Elisha though offered her services at no cost at all!!!!!  This awesome lady came to our house at like 7 am one morning and snapped away.  See why I LOVE her????  Then she even blogged about us asking people to help with donations toward our adoption.  Wow!!!!

So tonight we get to work with Elisha again and have so much FUN!!!!  I am so super excited!!!!  I can't wait to see the results already and we haven't even taken the pictures yet - LOL!!!!  I also can't wait to be able to have some pictures to bring to GAVIN so I can introduce him to his whole FAMILY!!!!!

And I want to send out a SUPER HUGE THANK YOU for the Donations towards our adoption!!!!  You guys are so AWESOME!!!!  This means so much to us!!!  We will not be doing any fundraising for this adoption as most people do not understand why we are doing what we are doing.  So to ask for money - well it's not a good idea we decided.  So when I see that donation box go up - Oh My - it is so awesome!!!  No we don't have the money just lying around but we have FAITH that it will absolutely all work out just fine!!!  Thanks to you guys it is doing just that!!!!!


  1. You don't even have to ask, you bet I'll change your header again! (If you want me too of course!) Those pics are awesome!

  2. I can't wait to see the family pictures. Oh those pictures are going to be so special for Gavin, the first look at his family. Amazing!

    Don't think I could pay off the older kids and take their place? LOL

  3. Oh and woohoo for that total going up!

    Taylor darling you really should be a model. Mother/daughter photos amazing. I hope you will capture mother/daughter photos tonight with all your girls.


  4. I understand the fundraising has caused a lot of drama in our family...but we don't have much of a choice! It's the most wonderful feeling when I see someone has donated!

    <3 to you!

    Brooke Annessa

  5. Oh I can't WAIT to see your new pics!! Of course, you'll need to do them again in a few months when Gavin is home!! :) Hugs! Mel

  6. Tay looks GORGEOUS, like usual. and you, Mama, are clearly the big sister/aunt/whatever we decided you are on facebook! :-) Love you all!