Tuesday, July 26, 2011

To Mom ~ Love, Belle


Of course I can pull my self to standing using the couch - I am not sure why this makes you cry!

 And of course I can walk over to you when you call my name!!!!!
 Yes Mom, I can pull my self up on the couch too!!!  
I Love it when Owen throws the cushions off the couch because it helps me get up!!!!
 Well, sometimes I just want something so bad that I will figure it out myself - I am a Big Girl Mom!!!
I Love to Look Outside!!!!  It is so Beautiful!!!!!
Oh Mom I want you to know that I am so excited that you get to pick up our home study tomorrow and send it off to the USCIS for approval to bring my BROTHER HOME!!!
I want him to look outside too!!!!!

xo xo xo xo xo xo 


  1. Look at you go! I know that Mommy is just so darn proud of you big girl!

    Glad to see that you are feeling better.

  2. AHHHHHH! Loook at her go! Go Bellie gooooo!

  3. OH Bellie you make your mom sooo happy! She must be so proud of you big girl!! I can't wait to see you next to your brother Gavin looking outside with you!

  4. What a cute post and big congrats on Belle's new-found mobility!! She is awesome and continues to prove what a wonderful little spirit she has. Yeah for Belle :)

  5. Look at her!! Smartie Pants!!!

    and moving right along on the adoption!!! Great news

  6. What a big girl!

    Brooke Annessa