Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thank You Catherine

Catherine, Victoria & Francesca have been home for 1 month!!!!  Victoria and Francesca were in the same orphanage as Gavin.  My friend Patty introduced me to Catherine's BLOG - Thank you Patty!!!  Oh My - you have to visit their blog and see how precious these two girls are!!!  

 Catherine while in EE posted about Gavin HERE!!!  It is such a BLESSING to know that a MOM held your son and loved him up!!!  I can't tell you how wonderful this makes us feel!!!  It is the BEST!!!!  Catherine only has the sweetest things to say about Gavin - Of course it all just makes me more anxious to go get him and squeeze him!!!  And Guess What???  She sent us some more pictures!!!!!  YAY!!!!  This is the BEST gift (I think) an adoptive family can get - More pictures of the Precious Gem they are fighting to go get!!!!  Thank you so much Catherine!!!!!!  

I WANT that little beautiful BOY to be sitting at OUR table ASAP!!!!!!  



  1. That is a precious gift indeed.

    Is that him at the table sucking his thumb, too cute.

    Great to know that someone has met him and seen him face to face.

  2. What a handsome young man!!! I'm so glad that Catherine was able to send you more pictures of Gavin. Gotta love the way the internet brings people together!

  3. What a little love-bug. I can't wait for you to meet him (and then I plan on visiting so I can snuggle him!)