Thursday, July 28, 2011

Adoption Update

It is so AWESOME to know that our home study and the other required documents are headed to the USCIS for approval to bring GAVIN HOME!!!!!  Thank GOD!!!!  Please PRAY that it will be a nice quick process!!!  Thank you!!!

28 of our dossier documents have been notarized and certified - now we will send them to Albany for apostille.  We are beyond BLESSED to have a very good friend that notarizes are documents for us - that saves us some $$$$.  Thank you Kath!!!!!

It really is crazy how much it all costs!!!   It costs $3 per certification and $10 per apostille!  In NY state we have to have all documents notarized, certified and then apostilled.  Not all states do this!   So anyways,  that's $364 for these 28 documents.  And sending the application to the USCIS - well that was $890.

$1,254.00 in TWO DAYS!!!!

So if you have an extra $1 or $2 just laying around - Please feel free to DONATE!!!  We would so appreciate it!!!  I'm pretty sure GAVIN will appreciate it too!!!!!  

Thank You So Very Much!!!!  

He is so WORTH IT!!!!!!!!  
Don't you think??????

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