Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Surgery Tomorrow

Bellie is having her 3 hour dental surgery tomorrow!!  Our sweet girl has 16 cavities out of 20 teeth - so sad!!!  But she will finally be pain FREE and I am so happy for her!!!  We had met with 3 dentists to make sure we were doing the right thing with all the work they want to do in her little mouth.  All 3 Dentists had the same game plan.  So we travel 2 hours to Buffalo Children's Hospital and get this all over with.

I am a crazy nervous wreck!  With all the times this girl has been in the hospital and has been put under anesthesia you would think it would get a little easier but it definitely doesn't!!!  But, I so badly want her to be able to chew with out it causing her so much pain!!

And today our little Princess decided that she would scoot over to the couch, pull her self up and then bring her leg up on the couch and try climbing up on the couch!!!!  WOW!!!!!  Dave would give her a little help to get up on the couch but it's so AWESOME!!!  She just decided I guess that today was the day that she would get on the couch herself!!!!  So then she would slide off the couch just to try it all again!!!  Can't help but cry because this is so HUGE!!!  My goodness am I proud of this girl!!!!!

I so would appreciate all the PRAYERS you guys are willing to send up for Bellie tomorrow!!!  I am so aware of what the power of prayer can do!!!  I thank you, thank you, thank you in advance!!!!!!

Just Love This Girl So Very Much!!!!!


  1. Saying prayers tonight and covering you tomorrow in prayers for the surgery.

    Love you Bellie!


  2. Lots of prayers tonight and tomorrow for an easy surgery and recovery. She is a rock star!!

  3. PRAYING for ALL of YOU!!!
    Love, Christina

  4. caught this post at the last minute!! Sending prayers!!!