Monday, July 4, 2011

Life Changing

I have so many things I want to tell you about or trip to Cooperstown NY.  I could write a book about our Amazing experiences these last 5 days - that is the truth.  To keep it as simple as possible - the bottom line would be - we have all been changed for the BETTER!!!!!!  No doubt about it - this was life changing!!!!

 Reece & Andrea - It's the LOVE that you see right here that started Reece's Rainbow
 And because of Reece's Rainbow this LOVE is now possible!!!!!  My beautiful husband finding those that have an extra chromosome irresistible!!!
 Andrea gets down n dirty with the kids - why????  Because she is a MOM!!!  and a GREAT ONE!!!
 Girls LOVE rocks too!!!!
 How BLESSED I am to know these 4 AMAZING children!!!  (Gabby, Addisu & Josh Lococo) and (Milana)
Dave and Tom have lots is common.  They both father 6 children, they both have beautiful wives 
(sorry - couldn't resist) 
It is because of the two men you see in this picture that 12 children are truly BLESSED!!!!!!

 And a MOM who just LOVES your daughter like she is her own!!!  Thank you PATTY!!!!
 And sweet little girls who choose to use a water gun bigger then they are!!!!
 Sweet, Sweet Julia!!!!  You incredible beautiful girl - I LOVE you!!!!!
This picture was taken Prior to entering Pathfinder Village where these three would be changed forever!!!!
 Pathfinder village had Dad's having so much FUN!!!!
Dad's that get right in the action are the BEST!!!!
Such a MIRACLE to see these three together!!!   Now - the sky is the limit for these girls!!!!
 A BOND no one can BREAK!!!!!
 They have a past that none of us want to remember but NOW look at them SHINE!!!!!!
 I wont ever forget this!!!!  I will cherish these 3 love bugs together forever!!!!!
These girls share so much and I am so grateful that they were able to be together!!!!
 And then this - the ONE woman who is responsible for making sure these 3 little girls and 500 other orphans would come home to a forever family!!!!!  Andrea Roberts - making DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!
 I will NEVER be able to THANK Andrea enough for our precious little girl.  
But after I saw this picture I realized I don't have to!!!
 Pathfinder Village is a place where my daughter was the same as everyone else.  Just PERFECT!!
Taylor was all to happy to be led around by Lee!!!  
Taylor and Lee - Chromosomes do not matter when it comes to a true FRIEND!!!!!
How lucky are these girls to have such a handsome dance partner?????

Isn't this a beautiful couple???

Oh Nicholas - it sure warms my heart that you asked Bellie to dance - Thank you!!!!!
Meeting Jenn and her three daughters was so Wonderful!!!!  She is such a BRAVE TROOPER traveling from N. Carolina and camping with out her husband.  YOU ROCK JENN!!!!!
I just LOVE when a DAD gets right down on the floor to play with his child!!!!
And Big Sisters that will do almost anything to make younger sister's HAPPY!!!!!
(Thanks for this awesome picture Molly!!!)
Best Friends should always swing TOGETHER!!!!!
Well Reece is a stud - so Tay didn't waste any time making sure to KISS that hunk of LOVE!!!!  Lee who was sitting next to Reece was a little jealous so Tay made sure to give him a kiss too!!!!  Oh and yes, I think Owen was about to hit me with his guitar.
Conor made some LIFE LONG Friends!!!!  And he is so PROUD of his little sister!!!!
Reece was born  =  Isabelle is our daughter!!!  
Even though the math is easy - to see that beautiful boy hold my daughter and know it is because of HIM that she is ours - well it's something i will never have the words for!!!!
Honestly I couldn't be PROUDER!!!!  I had no idea the impact this trip would have on Taylor, Conor and Nicholas.  All three of them can't wait to go back to see their new friends and they all said that this was our BEST vacation!!!!  Thank you GOD for letting my wonderful children see the true meaning of FUN!!!!
Saying "Good Bye" is never EASY!!!!  
Conor, Nick and Caleb - 3 teenagers - who all have hearts that never discriminate!!!!!
Even siblings that don't normally see eye to eye - found a common ground!!!  
They will always have a place in their heart for Nicholas!!!!

Our kids made such great friends with the Lococo children.  It was as if they had known each other forever!!
  We have all been BLESSED!!!!!
And although saying "goodbye" is hard we all know that we will see each other again!!!!
We know that we all share a LOVE for those Blessed with an extra chromosome!!!

To My Sweet Bellie,
I Love You to the Moon and Back!!!!
Thank you for showing us everything we had been missing!!!!!
Thank you for being YOU!!!!


  1. Ok, I cried AGAIN reading this post. I miss Lee and Nicholas so very much. I have an AMAZING picture of Tay and Lee dancing. We promised the guys we would send them photos! Also, I can't even tell you how amazing it was to see Taylor, Conor and Nick with all the pathfinder guys. Your kids are amazing. I really truly have been changed by this weekend. I can't articulate the bond that was formed between all of us and the pathfinder guys, but Taylor, Conor and Nick know what I'm talking about.

  2. Oh HOORAY!! I've been waiting for someone to blog about the camping trip!! And you sure didn't disappoint -- thank you, thank you for sharing all your pictures & your story for all of us who couldn't make it!!

  3. Ok, i could not get thru this post without tears flowing. Glad you all had a great time. I am so looking forward to our visit.

  4. OK, I'm a snotty mess!!!! Thank you for sharing this amazing trip!!!

  5. Good GRIEF I miss you guys! You guys are such an awesome blessing beyond my wildest dreams. I SO hope we can see each other soon with prince G!

  6. I'm right there with Stephanie! This post should have come with a tissue warning!

  7. Looks like a WONDERFUL trip!!! Thank you for sharing all the photos and memories!