Thursday, July 7, 2011

Adoption Update

This is the FAMILY on a MISSION to go get GAVIN!!!!

ADOPTION UPDATE:  The country where Gavin lives has shut down for 3 months in regards to adoptions.  So we really can't start working on our dossier because we don't know what the requirements will be.  It really STINKS!!!!!  So we will hopefully have our home study next week to send off to the USCIS!!  We need approval from them to bring Gavin home!!!  When we adopted Bellie the USCIS was really the last thing we were waiting for - it seemed to take FOREVER!!!  So I do like the idea that we will have it all ready prior to completing our dossier.  Then I will only have myself to blame for every day the dossier is not complete and ready to send off.  Does this make sense?  So for right now there really isn't anything we can do :(   Just wait for the country to re-open and then I promise to not waste one moment with getting the dossier complete!!! 

Oh My Goodness - Look at how SWEET this  boy is!!!!!
You Sweet Beautiful Little Boy
So Handsome!!!  But look at those sad almond shaped eyes!!!  He sure needs some LOVE!!!!
Look how happy he is in this picture!!  He is smiling because a Mom that was adopting another child from his groupa gave him some attention.  See what a little attention can do??????  Oh my - it breaks my heart that he doesn't get the attention he so richly deserves all of the time!!!!!!

We are so very BLESSED to have these pictures of Gavin!!  

It just BREAKS my heart to know how much he is changing and he has no one to LOVE HIM UP each step of the way!!!  I want to be his MOMMY - I want him to know that he is LOVED - I NEED him to know his days of being all alone will soon be over!!!!!!  Please GOD keep him SAFE!!!!!  Please let him know that we are coming and that we will LOVE HIM FOREVER!!!!!!!


  1. He's adorable and will be a great addition to the family.

  2. oh.... and I just love that new family picture. Gavin will be truly loved big time.

  3. He does have a beautiful smile.

  4. I gotta say, seeing Nick and Conor light up when they talked about going on the trip to get Gavin.... priceless! To see the way your big three love the little three (soon to be four)... I will do whatever I can to help!!

  5. He is beautiful! Super-cute! What a wonderful son he will make. :)

  6. Summer,

    We are home again, but missing all of you SO much. I'm glad Belle's surgery went smoothly. We were praying for her all day Wednesday. She is such a trooper. And Mr. Gavin.... what a sweet boy. We can't wait to meet him!
    Love & prayers,

  7. He is sooo cute! Can't wait to see him running around with his brother Owen!