Friday, July 8, 2011

Amazing News!!!!!!!

We just received the BEST news from Reece's Rainbow!!!!!  Guess what?????  We don't have to WAIT - Gavin's country is still allowing the adoptions of children with special needs!!!!!

Oh My Goodness!!!!  As soon as I get the requirements from Reece's Rainbow for our dossier I will be non-stop to get it done!!!!

Oh Sweet Gavin - Looks like we will be holding you way sooner than we thought!!!!  I would run there right NOW if I could to scoop you up and hug you tight!!!!!!!

THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!  
May YOU continue to BLESS all the orphans waiting for a forever family and continue to break down all those nasty walls!!!!!!!

We Are Coming Buddy!!!!!!

This also means we need to get serious about $$$$ too - Oh My!!!  Please feel free to donate a few dollars????  If you can, of course!!! Thank you so MUCH!!!!  I am sooooo EXCITED!!!!!!


  1. HA! I was hoping that was the good news Andrea was hinting at on FB!! AWESOME!!!

    better get busy mama!!! You're not taking the summer off!!! :)

  2. woooooo!!!!! How good is our God?! Ohhhh Summer....!!!

  3. YAY! We are so happy for all of and Gavin too!


  4. Praise God and may he speed your journey to Gavin!

  5. Fantastic! So happy for y'all! And don't worry, rumor has it Speaking for the Silent has some family advocating posts coming up.....

  6. Great! Gavin, your family is coming sweetie!!