Sunday, March 20, 2011

Keep Praying Please!!!!!

The weather is Beautiful today in Jamestown, NY!  We were so lucky to go outside and play for a bit.  We took out some of the outside toys and just enjoyed the fresh air.  But even on a beautiful day like this I can't help but think of the sweet innocent children left in so many orphanages around the world.  I can NOT get sweet Carrington off my mind - I just can't.  That could of been our Belle.  Yes, Belle was very malnourished but no where as bad as precious Carrington.  I can't help myself from just squeezing Bellie and Thanking GOD that she is here and healthy.  We are so Blessed and I am so very GRATEFUL!!!!!!!! 

 Stephanie (who also adopted from the same orphanage) has a chip-in set up for the Burman Family!!  Please donate if able!!!  And Sarah (Zoya's Mom) has set up a blog with updates on Carrington's condition!! 

Look at sweet Belle in these pictures.  Just loving to be outside with her Family!!!  All children deserve the LOVE of a forever FAMILY!!! 

And Every Family Deserves The Blessing Of A Child With Down Syndrome!!!!!

Please KEEP PRAYING FOR Carrington and her Family!!!  Please keep Praying for all the orphans of this world!!!! 

Thank you so much!!!!!!!


  1. I posted all the best pics from your visit on my blog. If you can't copy and paste them let me know and I can email them!!