Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy World Down Syndrome Day!!!!!

I am so PROUD to be a Mom of a little girl BLESSED with an extra chromosome!!!  So Proud!!!!

I am also so PROUD to be Friends with a Family also BLESSED with a little girl rocking an extra chromosome!!  Wow - it's so hard to type this because I just cry but here we go!!  Sarah Basile blogged her adoption journey and I read it faithfully.  Reading her journey gave our family the strength to take the same leap of Faith!!  I would not be the Mom of Belle if it wasn't for this FAMILY!!!  That is a fact!!  I can't even imagine life with out Belle - so can you imagine how grateful I am to the Basile Family????  Oh my!!!  And then we are BLESSED to live only 45 minutes from them - WOW - GOD is Good!!!!  So Belle, Sara and I went to visit them on Saturday.  I wish I could explain what it felt like to watch Sarah and Shawn hold Bellie!!!  I just think about it and my eyes well up.  Not everyone that will hold Belle will LOVE her instantly like these two did.  Some people are just not comfortable and I have witnessed this a few times.  So to see two people in one day, scoop up your daughter and hold & hug her with such intense LOVE is something I will treasure FOREVER!!!!  I mean just look at this:

Really, how many men will just LOVE her like this???????

And then how about this picture:
Oh My Goodness!!!  GOD had a plan that these sweet girls would be FRIENDS!!!!  They were both born in Ukraine, given up at birth by their birth parents because of two words;  Down syndrome!!!  Zoya's adoption inspired Belle's adoption and now here these two girls are together!!!!!  WOW!!!  Can you deny the POWER?????  It's one thing to hear about Miracles - but to actually witness a MIRACLE - well, again I have no words!!! 

Down syndrome has Blessed me in so many ways with new Friendships too.  Christina from Switzerland is the BESTEST FRIEND I could ever ask for.  I honestly believe we share the same HEART!!  She has been so supportive in every way possible.  I have said it a million times and I will keep saying it - she is a real life ANGEL!!!!!  Can you see the halo?????

My Angel on Earth Christina and her beautiful daughter Johanna!!! 

And then there is Molly!!  I have been friends with Molly for about 9 years.  But since bringing Belle home our frienship has grown so strong.  Molly is one of those people that just "get's it"!!  She is also one of those people that will drop everything to HELP!!  Molly came over last night to make buttons for World Down Syndrome Day.  She bought the supplies and made arrangements to borrow a button making machine.   I had pictures printed of Belle and Noah and we traced, cut and assembled.  It was so FUN!!!  I wish I had taken a picture of the button making crew (Molly and her daughter Amber, son Mikael, Taylor, Sara, Me and Belle) but I of course forgot.  Molly is a teacher and collected a dollar from fellow teachers to dress down today for World Down Syndrome Day and each person will also wear a button!!!  The donations will all go to Noah's Family!!!   Here are the buttons:
Noah is in the middle!!!!

Molly is also having a purse and pampered chef party and all the donations will go to Reece's Rainbow!!!  See what I mean????  She so "get's it"!!!!  I am so BLESSED to have her as a FRIEND!!!!!  Love you Molly!!!!!

And then there is all of YOU!!!  All of YOU that send me e/m's and leave the sweetest comments on this blog!!!  WOW!!!!  I just LOVE all of YOU so much!!!!  Thank YOU!!!!

But the Little one that brought the Blessing of Down syndrome to our FAMILY is our Sweet Bellie!!!
I Love You So Much Baby Girl
Happy World Down Syndrome Day


  1. LOVE the buttons. What a GREAT idea!

  2. So "adorable" I can't even stand it. Love it! Glad you guys had such a great visit!

  3. Thank you for posting that picture of Christina! She contacted us a while back and told us a bit about herself and how she helped you guys out. She and her family then sent us money for our adoption! She has a very special heart! It's nice to put a face now to the person I pray for :)