Saturday, March 19, 2011

GOD is calling NOW!!!!!!!


Sweet little Carrington made the flight home to Texas from EE two days ago by the Grace of GOD!!!  This precious little one is now in a Texas hospital fighting for her life.  Carrington was in the same orphanage and the same groupa as Isabelle.   Carrington was treated so poor and inhumane that she weighed in at the hospital at 11 pounds.  ELEVEN - and she is almost 4 years old.  ELEVEN POUNDS!!!!!   The pictures of this precious little girl are DEVASTATING!!!!  I have never seen such HORROR!!!!  I do not have permission to post these pictures so I would ask that you visit this link: and this link and this link:

GOD is calling - each and everyone of us!  In a Texas hospital right now is a Mom who answered.  GOD called her to bring Carrington home and Shelly Burman did.  Now she sits by the bed of this child she LOVES, Praying that her little frail body will not reject the treatments she is receiving.  Praying that she will SURVIVE!!!!  Looking at Carrington's skeleton frame is GOD's call to the rest of us.  Can you look at those pictures and say "Well, there isn't anything I can do"  or are you going to answer HIM and say : 

 "I am going to DO something!!!!!!" 


  1. Thank you for posting and praying :) Soooo fun hanging out today....we definitely need to do it more!!! Will send you pics tomorrow :)

  2. I saw a comment on someones fB asking them not to post such things! Can you believe that!!! This should be on the freakin news! Front page of the papers, these SOB's should be exposed!

    And we are praying for Sweet Carrington with all our hearts.