Friday, February 11, 2011

Home 3 Weeks

I can't even believe we have been home 3 weeks.  Honestly it feels like this little princess has been a part of our family always. 
So if you watched the video and you were able to tune out my annoying "ma ma ma ma ma ma" and you were still able to enjoy it - I am so happy.   I am just so proud of this peanut - she is doing so many new things.  And yes, the "ma ma ma ma" is soooooo my favorite!!!  I think that is all I say - well the video is proof of that.  I had to edit it like crazy because I couldn't even stand listening to my self say it so much.  But the reward is having your Beautiful Daughter say it!!!  YAY!!!!
Three weeks home and this girl is wasting no time figuring out everything.  She is just something else - My Goodness I LOVE her so much.  She can stand for a much longer period of time now and only holding our fingers.  She will pull her self up from a sitting position too using our fingers to hold on to.  Last night she took a STEP - I couldn't even believe it.  Those little spaghetti legs want to move so bad and I tell you she can DO IT!!!!!  Isabelle has slowed down with eating and drinking her bottle.  It was awful how fast she would try and suck down a bottle but that is all she knew - hurry up and drink and you will be put back to the crib with out any.  :(  Bellie LOVES the tub - just loves it.  She would sit in there all day if we let her.  She didn't love having her hair washed at first but now she is a champ with that to.  She absolutely LOVES having her hair brushed - it is the cutest darn thing - I have to get a video of that for sure.  She loves having her body rubbed with lotion, she smiles and laughs.  She loves everyone that will hold her - she just grabs on like a little Koala and gives the tightest hug.  I put her down sometimes just so I can pick her up and get another Koala hug.  (I can't help it).   Isabelle with all certainty recognizes each of us now, even from across the room.  It is so AWESOME!!!!  She will follow me with her little eyes where ever I go and scoot over to me.  Yes, I am a big pile of moosh every time she does this.  Last night I was changing her diaper and she was  fussing and her Dad bent over and kissed her neck and didn't she just melt.  From full out crying to "Give me some more Daddy".   She is too much!!!  And this hearing thing - I am just amazed.  I promise you that I didn't think she could hear at all at first.  And now - completely different.  She will turn to sounds and respond to her name.  Thank You GOD!!!  I think maybe she just tuned everything out and I don't blame her as I heard some of the things in the orphanage and tuning out is a great idea. 
Thank you all for all the suggestions on diaper rashes, her teeth and everything else - It is always so helpful!!!!!  We have been so BLESSED in so many ways - I honestly feel like a spoiled little brat.  The truth is - I Like it very, very MUCH!!!!!  If we could just find a Family for Masha............
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!!!


  1. The video is great. I can't believe you've been home 3 weeks already, wow that has flown by. You had someone else here squealing with delight when you were doing the tickling, no not me silly, Izzy thought it was hysterical.


  2. Summer,

    What a great video of Bellie. My younger ones were all excited because she was watching Dora the Explorer, just like they do. I hope everyone is feeling better too.


  3. I LOVE her! She is so adorable!! She deinitely knows who her MAMA is :-)

  4. Very nice video! Ma-ma-ma is never enough, I believe it's a music to Bellie's ears either :) I am so happy for all of you! To give someone a life - how cool is that?! Praying for Masha - she has to feel this miracle, too!

  5. Oh my goodness, what an adorable video. It is so incredibly sweet to see her smile. It warms my heart. Thanks for sharing that with all of us. Ma-ma is one of the best words ever created :) It is so nice that little Belle now has someone to call Ma-Ma!!

  6. "Are you way too cute?"
    'Yeah, I'm adorable, haven't you figured that out yet?'
    Haha, I love how she's like 'yeah I'm know it!'