Monday, February 14, 2011

My Sweet Valentine's

I am the luckiest Mom to have these 3 sweet Toddlers "BE MINE"!!!!

Blowing YOU a kiss!!!!

Sara takes a little time to wake up - it was still a little too early for her to shine

Sara always has her eye on her sister - they are Best Friends!!!

Super Bellie, Super Sara and Super Owen (this is how Owen refers to himself and his sisters)

Sara to Belle:  "okay Bellie you can look at my princess mailbox but you can't touch, okay?"

Sweet Owen just holding on to that Valentine

This doll is ready for some chocolate!!!!

Still not real awake yet - Poor Princess Sara

My Handsome Love Bug!!!!!



  1. Oh they are all so stinkin cute!!! And I just saw that video!! Love it!!
    And I have to tell you how absolutely smitten my hubby is with Belle. He seriously tears up whenever he sees her.

  2. I just caught up on the last few blog posts. Holy macaroni!!! What a sweet little bunch you have!! I'm so happy that little Belle is doing so well!!

  3. :) I'm with Sara it takes me a bit to wake up early in the morning too.

    Cute pics!

  4. Super cute!!! She looks great!!! Happy Valentine's to you too! :-)

  5. Oh, how I loved receiving that beautiful kiss that Belle blew right off the computer screen to me!! She looks incredible and I can't get enough of looking at pictures of her as she becomes more and more comfortable in her new home. Sorry for the lack of comments lately, my time has been too limited for thinking of the words, but I still definitely take the time to check out this sweet girl!!!