Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sick, Sick, Sick - Sick of Sick

We have had a house full of sick kids for the last week.  It is awful!!!!

Sara started with a fever and a very bad cough.  Her asthma got so bad her little left lung collapsed.  Now she is doing so much better - THANK GOD!!!!!

Bellie started with croup and then a nasty diaper rash.  So she is on 4 meds for the h-pylori and now a steroid for the croup.  One night she had her vibrating teether in her mouth and all of a sudden blood just started coming out of her nose.  I FREAKED!!!!  When I calmed down a little I realized the blood was coming out of her mouth too.  I DOUBLE FREAKED!!!!   So I called her Pediatrician and she first calmed me down as Dave was trying to clean Bellie up.  The Doctor told me to look in her mouth to make sure she didn't cut her self.  Sure enough there was a cut on the roof of her mouth.  I had cut her fingernails the day before and she sucks her thumb so her nail must of cut the roof of her mouth.  OH MY - Really?  Is that much blood even necessary - I think NOT!!!!  Then the horrendous diaper rash started - OUCH - I have never, ever had a child with a diaper rash like this before.  IT KILLS ME because she barely cries when we have to clean her up!!  It is so sad!!!!  Also,  I have never had a child with croup either - can you say, "hello seal?".  When they say croup sounds like a seal - they are so not kidding.  I know "hate" is a very strong word.  But I HATE croup!!!!   She has been so tough through all of this.  You can definitely tell she doesn't feel well but she still manages to smile and laugh all the time.  WOW!!!! 

Nick has Bronchitis and he has been pretty sick for the last couple days.  He has had a high fever, cough and a very sore throat.  He doesn't ever complain - he is such a GOOD PATIENT!!!

Owen got sent home yesterday from daycare  with a fever of 102 and he started with an awful cough.  My sweet Owen is not the best patient.  He just does NOT love taking medicine and it is such a fight.  Although I must say he takes his nebulizer treatments like a ROCK STAR!!! 

Conor has had a cough but is doing much better. 

Tay is still holding her own - PLEASE LET HER STAY HEALTHY!!!!

Here are some pictures I took Feb. 3 and Feb 4 before the sick train started.  Sara was just starting to feel yucky on these two days - I can now see it in these pictures.

Handsome, Handsome

So sweet and starting to get so sick :(

The Best Trio EVER (We are trying to get rid of that binkie)


Look at those sweet fingers - see the tips - well she clicks them from side to side

I love this face!!!!


Pondering her next move

Those Big Beautiful Blue Eyes - AMAZING!!!!!!

Bambi you had asked a question once and I keep forgetting to answer - Sorry!!  But yes, Owen is 6 months older than Bellie and Bellie is 6 months older than Sara!!!   The ages of these three couldn't be any better - we are so BLESSED because it just works out so perfect. 

Many wonderful things have been happening in EE this week.  A wonderful family is trying to adopt a precious little girl from an institution.  A child has never been adopted from this institution and it has not been easy.  But again the power of prayer and GOD has opened another door.  This family was able to meet this sweet girl and the Director has allowed visits.  This is so HUGE!!!  This is HIS work for sure.  If this adoption is successful it will open the door for so many other children.  This is the same institution that Masha will be transferred to.  This means that there is a very good chance she will still be able to be adopted.  OH PLEASE LET HER BE ADOPTED ASAP - PLEASE GOD!!!!


  1. Summer,

    So sorry to hear that you are dealing with so much illness. I know it is not easy. I call it the "domino effect". One person gets an illness and the rest of the family just falls like dominos. I hope everyone feels better soon.
    Thinking of you everyday.

  2. Oh my goodness what a week you've had! That's a lot of sick kids all at once boy I feel for you especially if the patients aren't so happy.

    Hope everyone is on the mend soon!!!!!


  3. please dont feel that because you posted a pic of your daughter with her binki you should explain ..its her binki so many people make a big deal out of it..they are babies for so short of a for the rash when girls get that yeasty type of rash i use a very thin layer of caneston over the counter cream and it clears it up quickly..

  4. My youngest daughter got the worst diaper rash known to man and we tried EVERYTHING. I feel your pain. It broke my heart everytime I changed her diaper (quite often because that is what they recommend). We figured out that it was the type of formula she was getting. She needed formula w/out any cows milk products in it. I am wondering if little Belle is having a hard time adjusting to a new milk product or some other new food or drink? After we switched to a different formula her rash cleared up in a couple of days, this after 3 weeks of trying every type of cream available.
    I'll be praying for your family to heal and enjoy some healthy time together :)

  5. Aww I'm so sorry the littles are poorly! I hope everyone feels better soon! Don't worry about not answering my question before now, I understand that you have other things on your mind lol!
    I love Bellie's little crooked fingers! I just want to munch them up!

  6. I just wanted to comment on the daughter also gets yeast on her bottom and it usually gets worse when on meds. I use over the counter cream for athlete's foot. Also if it is a yeast and she is prone to it you can put her on probiotics and that should help. Also when my son teethed his rash would get so bad it was bleeding. We didn't even clean him but instead would just take off his diaper and rinse him in the tub. Then 2-3x a day let him soak in warm water with epsom salt in it. wow did that do wanders. I know that finding the time will be hard put even just during baths put in the epsom. Hope today ends up better!

    juli (found your website through jill, elijah's mom)

  7. I am so sorry to hear this!
    Wishing you strength and patience for everybody in the Spitz-hospital!!
    May ALL get well SOON!!
    Love, Christina

  8. Oh summer....So hoping they all start to feel better soon because I know how it is!! We have had the bug for what seems like a couple months now and i so hope thats not going to happen at your house!! I just cant get enough of all the cute lil pics!!

    summer, you dont know me but i have followed your blog for a long time.i dont want to scare you but a nurse and im very concerned about the reflection in belle's left eye and felt i should tell you. please take a look at this link posted. i hope that it is nothing but really felt the need to share this.

  10. oh my. totally missed that she has a cataract!! just read that..phew!! so sorry to alarm you!