Friday, January 28, 2011

A New Angel Has Entered Heaven

This is so sad and so unfair!!! 

Taylor wrote this for Sandra:

In the night sky a lost star was born

Unfortunately in an era when love was worn
She waited her turn to finally shine
But was only shown one bright line
HE gave her the choice to choose her light
And she accepted at last one fine night

The cold world lost another soul
And sweet Sandra had to pay the toll
HE told her she had one task to take on
To shine her brightest when the world turned dawn
The lost star was no more lost, but now found
In a paradise of love, with love's only sound

Please Help - Please Do What Ever You Can!!!!


  1. This is such terribly sad so unfair. May her soul rest in peace, may she dance and laugh and play in Jesus's arms

  2. It's so unfair that these sweet little angels have to DIE! All alone, with noone to love them and hold them. IT'S WRONG! I pray for them everyday, I give whatever I can afford, but I feel like I'm not doing enough, I feel like I'd never be doing enough unless I scoured the globe and made sure each one of these children knew how special and loved they were!
    Sleep tight Sweet Sandra, we'll see you in another life, that one will be better for you. xxx

  3. This sucks! No Fair!

    Be blessed

  4. No words for this tragedy....just tons of tears!!!
    Thankyou Tay for your meaningful poem for DARLING SANDRA, who is now safe and LOVED in JESUS ARMS!!!

  5. Heatbreaking......
    It is so WRONG!!!
    Poor precious little ones..... :-(

  6. This really makes me so sad! I donated to sweet Sandra's Christmas Tree fund and prayed and hoped she would be home for Christmas next year. Its hard to believe that she will never know the love a family. Although she won't be home here on earth for Christmas I do believe that she will be home, with her Heavenly Father, for Christmas.

  7. Very saddened, I have looked at her many times on Reece's Rainbow hoping and praying a forever family would find her. I know she was four and close to being transferred to a mental institute. While I am so sad she had to die alone without a family to love her, I an glad God took her home now before she had to experience conditions even worse then the baby house where she had spent her first 4 yours.
    Ellen G.

  8. Taylor, your poem is heart-felt and very moving - thank you so much for your tribute to this lovely little girl, who was much-loved from afar, though her forever family never found her. Now she is truly with her "Forever Father" and experiencing love and healing of a kind which we can only faintly comprehend here on earth.

    I pray that Sandra's short life will inspire others to do what they can, however they can, to help children like her.

    Thank you again..

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to Two from U.