Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Great news!!! 

Isabelle's chest x-ray was negative - NO TB!!!  YAY!!!!
Neck x-ray - negative - YAY!!!
Thyroid tests all came back normal - YAY!!!
She is NOW up to date on immunizations - YAY!!!!

Tomorrow she has an appointment with the Pediatric Opthamologist and we will find out what they can do for her cataract.

Thursday she is scheduled for an echo and a hearing test. 

She is a very busy little girl and handeling everything like such a CHAMP.  I am so proud of her!!!!

Last night Isabelle fell asleep for the 2nd night in a row with her big brother Conor! 

Loving her bib made by Aunt Christina!!!  Thank You Aunt Christina - I Love You!!!!

She is the sweetest little thing!!!!

Always happy to get a kiss from her Big Sister!!  This Girl gets more kisses than anyone!!!!!

"Whoa - No one told me this chair vibrates"

"This isn't so bad"

"Sure is making me sleepy"

Thank you for the outfit Anderson Family - it is so comfy and cozy!!!!!!

Today when we went for her x-rays the wonderful lady at the registration desk took a look at Isabelle and said "you were both blessed to have each other" and she came over and kissed Isabelle on the head and said "I have to kiss this beautiful baby"!!!   I am crying just typing this.  Oh my - People see it!!!  They do get it!!!!  LOVE IS AMAZING!!!!  And it just makes me think of sweet Masha and all the orphans laying lonely in a crib.  It is so not Fair - they are so deserving!!!  Now if a stranger can come kiss my sweet ANGEL on the head, well then Masha will find her FOREVER FAMILY - I just Know It!!!!



  1. Woohoo! Way to go on the tests, praying that the rest come back with good news as well.


  2. We have the SAME bouncy seat! Love that her tests so far have been negative. She looks amazing. It's love I tell ya. Too bad so many must go without it. NO fair.

  3. Great news on all those tests!!! Good luck with the rest of them. I love looking at the pictures you post, all the children look so happy:)

  4. Praise God and all He has done for Miss Isabelle. You and your new bundle are blessed beyond words. I just love that Isabelle is obviously at peace while lying with her big brother :)

  5. Oh my goodness! Belle is just SO precious!!

    Reading your blog is such an inspiration for me!....my husband and I are hoping to be able to start our own adoption journey soon!

    As for little Masha....I wish with all my heart that I could just go over there and GET her! Now! I sooooo wish it was that easy..... :-(
    She is in my prayers everyday...

    Take care & God bless