Monday, January 31, 2011

Love Her, Love Her, Love Her

I just LOVE this girl so much!!! 

Yep, Blowing Raspberries

Our little Bellie (Thanks Bambi - we all call her this) is adjusting so well.  It is just Amazing!!  She has had what seems to be a million medical appointments and she just goes with the flow.  I am so proud of her!!! 

Pediatric Opthamologist :  Wants to put her under so he can get a good look at her eye and then we can schedule eye surgery for the cataract.
Hearing:  Wants to put her under for a brain response test.  The audiologist does believe Isabelle has some hearing.
Cardiologist:  Is amazed at the wonderful work the surgeon did in EE and he has no concerns with her heart!  He did say that she had a lot of work done to her little heart!
Dentist:  We will go Friday as she has 2 visible cavities.  Poor Princess!
Lab:  Most of the labs have come back great, except the H-pylori which she tested positive.  She will start the meds (4 of them ) tonight.  We are still waiting for the giardia results.  Thank you so much Patty and Jill for letting me know about these 2 tests!!!!
Evaluation for PT,OT and Speech:  Scheduled for February 16th

Bellie goes to sleep smiling and she wakes up smiling.  When we go to her crib to pick her up, she smiles, laughs and then puts her sweet little arms up.  THERE IS NOTHING BETTER!!!!!  It is like she is looking at us and she just can't believe she has another day in this life.  That's all I can think when she gives me this smile.  I cry when she does it and I cry when I think about it!  I have never felt a LOVE like this from anyone.  I wish I could explain it better!!

Our family as a whole is changing - it is so Awesome!!   This little one is teaching us all so much!! 

I Honestly can't believe how LUCKY and BLESSED we are!!!!! 


  1. It sounds like a perfect match....she gives you just as much as you give her...LOVE!! I'm so happy to hear she is adjusting to a whole new world.
    Our daughter had the ABR hearing test while she was under anthesthesia and it was relatively simply, but does take about 2-3 hours. Thanks for continuing to keep us upated. I continue to pray for Olga, Kareen, and Peter :)

  2. Ahhhh! I tried words, but it didn't work, I just want to squeeze this little girl!

    Also, I'm glad she has me to blame/thank for her little nickname :)

  3. So wonderful she is happy and she is so pretty! Did the doctors tell you you can put her under and they can do all the tests the same time. We do this because we try not to have our baby under so much, doesnt always happen but if they know and you ask they may do that. She is such a blessing!
    be blessed

  4. She continues to be so sweet...

  5. That is such great news about her heart! Yay for those docs in EE! :-) Glad to hear she is doing so well!

    Ah yes, the h.pylori :-( I think we are all going to get tested here. It is SO easy to spread. I tried to be so careful, but I don't think it worked. I'll keep you posted!

  6. So glad to hear that things are going smoothly with her transition.


  7. Like someone else said above, do a bunch while she's under ONE time! Including the dentist in that mix as well. We've had as many as 6 doctors in the OR during one "sleep". We call these "tune ups". LOL Axel goes on Thursday for MRI/ABR, then once he gets the all clear for AAI (have you scheduled that yet? Couldn't remember if she is over age 3) then he'll go under again to have his dental and eye work done. (needs stents in his tear ducts.) But, you're plugging right along with the visits. This is great!

  8. This is all such great news!! I just love that she is adjusting so well. I can only imagine how excited she is everyday to wake up and realize that it wasn't a dream...this great life is REAL!! Speaking of the "lucky" and "blessed", did you get ANY info on Lyla while you were over there?

  9. So happy for you ! And thank you for sharing about sandra...I donated to her Fund right before the end of Dec....such a beautiful child...

  10. I am so happy that you all are doing so great! She is a beautiful little girl, and what a trooper she is!!!

  11. i love coming here. Guaranteed a a smile. we used to call our Isabella, Bellie when she was a baby, too. Love it!
    Great news to hear about her heart!

  12. Summer, she is Precious! I'm so glad she is Home! Forever! Sending Hugs and Kisses to all your Littles! Love ~ Jo