Thursday, January 13, 2011

Just can't get enough of this girl


Isabelle wanted to get a little closer to the camera for this shot and I love the result

Kisses for Mommy!!! 

Raspberries with Tay - this was sooooo much fun to watch

After raspberries we have to laugh of course

One happy little girl!!!! 

Do these girls have some beautiful eyes or what?  WOW!!!!!  They must be sisters!!!

Just cracking up


Kisses for Tay

Dancing and loving every moment

More laughing

This is absolutely my favorite picture from our morning visit - she is just so PERFECT!!!!

We had a super visit this morning with Isabelle.  She was all smiles and was very busy scooting all over the couch. (LOVE IT).   We laughed, we sang, we danced,  we kissed and of course we snuggled.

Our visit this morning was super special because we got to watch her have her lunch.  Oh my she is such a good girl.  She sat at the table and she was so hungry that she was growling for her food.  She was the last to be fed in the groupa and I don't think she liked that.  And guess what?  We brought the bibs this morning that our Dear Friend Christina made - and all the little ones had one on.  It was so Awesome!!!!  Thank you so much Christina!!!

 Isabelle ate so well - I was the proudest MOM.  Not sure at all what she was eating but she seemed to like it.  If I had to guess, it was potato, cabbage and broth.  The nanny fed her pretty quickly, one spoonful after another.  I was a little anxious about it but then I "woke up" and realized these 3 ladies have to feed at least 10 litte ones in a short time - they have to be quick.

 I was sure Isabelle was still using a bottle but NOPE, she fooled me again because she is a Big Girl.  Why do I keep under estimating her???  I need to stop doing that!!  So she finished the pretty big bowl and we could tell she was full.  Then the nanny went and got her some tea and gave it to her in a regular mug.  Woo Hoo - our Princess did so well with this mug.  Yes, I was shocked again.  Then Isabelle did a big fat raspberry - I think that meant she was done with the tea.  Tay and I laughed and the nannies all laughed too.  It was so fun.  The nanny cleaned her up and picked her up to bring her to the sleeping room.  We said "good bye" and  "we love you" and off to the sleeping room she went.  On her way she let out the hugest burp - so we got to share another laugh with all the nannies.   What a great morning we had!!!

Tay and I bought some more mystery meat after our visit that we plan on having for dinner.  I will post a picture later and if any of you can tell us what it is that would be great!!!  We bought it from the same man we bought from our last visit.  I just love this guy - don't know why but I do!!  His wife (I think) helped us today too, she dropped our slab of mystery meat on the ground and just wiped it off and put it in the bag.  So we are going with this "God made dirt, so it don't hurt".  I really do LOVE it here.  It is such a wonderful experience.  Taylor told me today that she wants to move here!!  Uh OH


  1. Haha! I love it! I know what she means :D It really is the bestest awesomest teen experience ever!

  2. I just love how cheerful you are about this whole thing! Most people would be terrified being in a strange country and not speaking the language, but you're just soaking it up and getting on with it! So awesome!
    I LOVE Belly, when is Gotcha day? When you come home are you flying through London again?

  3. Sounds like you are having the time of your life. Inhaling everything around you! especially that beautiful Dumpling! I can't come here without tears. Just the look of pure joy on Isabelle's face,starts me crying.

    And that meat your eating is probably the healthiest meat you've ever had. I'm glad you are not afraid to try it.
    God Bless!

  4. Summer, It sounds like you have a world traveler on your hands with Tay. She reminds me of myself at that age. I love it!

    Glad to hear that you are learning more and more about Isabelle before gotcha day! :)

    Hugs to you both!

  5. Love the pictures!!! She is so beautiful and can't wait for her and Zoya to meet.

    The feeding part was always hard for me. I hated watching them shovel it into her mouth. But when we realized that it was probably her only meal, we enjoyed being there with her to feed her.

    You guys are amazing people and I am so happy that you are enjoying the experience....feels like it takes forever, but it goes by so fast when you look back at it. Soon you will all be home as one big family. Make sure you let us know when you will be arriving home. You are always in our prayers.


  6. YAY Summer!! So happy things are going well this trip too! When do you get to bust her outa there?? Have you heard anything more about Lyla?

  7. Oh my gosh...she is so perfect! And I just love you guys more and more every day.

  8. LOVE reading about your journey! And LOVE all of the pics! God Bless!

  9. Hi Summer and Taylor! LOVE all the photos. I'm so happy that the two of you have been given this gift of traveling together! You will have memories that only the two of you (and Him) can share! Belle is just Precious! I want to call her "Bella"...isn't that Beautiful in Spanish? I love reading your updates and feeling like I'm there with you!
    Summer, I did get your message on FB. I'll send you a private message and share what is going on.
    You are in my Prayers and I think about you often. Give Bella a kiss from Auntie Jo! When is Gotcha Day? Great Big Hugs!! Jo

  10. Just loving those blueberry eyes:)

  11. Oh she is beautiful! I, too, hate watching the feedings. And yeah, they're in some hurry. FOR WHAT? To get to nap time? Yep, hurry and get those kids out of our hair and down for a nap! HURRY and let many of them aspirate because of our need to rush them off to a forced nap where many of them or too old for napping in the first place. UGH!