Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So Much!!!

I have so much to post but The Best thing is we got to be with Isabelle for a short time today!!! It makes all this craziness so worth it!! Taylor got to meet her new beautiful sister. Tay was so Awesome with Isabelle, not that I thought she wouldn’t be. But it was just so special to watch. I’m thinking these two will be BEST of FRIENDS in no time. Tay kept saying, “She is so beautiful” and “She is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen”. Yep, I cried but didn’t let Tay see – I am supposed to be the tough one here. I know I have said it a million times but I am just so Blessed. I am so grateful!!!

I so didn't realize at the time that Tay was squeezing the LOVE right out of Isabelle - I am laughing now looking at these pictures I just posted - it all makes so much sense - Tay fell head over heels in Love with her sister and couldn't help but squeeze and hold her so tight.  Poor Isabelle must of been thinking "Okay, who is the new girl and why in the world is she holding me so flippin tight". 

Little summary of the last 3 days. We left Monday, got to Germany Tuesday and flew in to the big city here on Tuesday evening. Our driver was there waiting for us and he wanted to try and get us on the train that would be leaving in 50 minutes. Wow – now the driving here is very different – I knew this. But when the driver is in a rush, well it is a new deal. And I was sitting in the front – what was I thinking? Dave always sat in front for our last trip so I guess I never really experienced the driving front row. But I did yesterday. Whoa!!! So we almost made it to the train station but we were 5 minutes late. That was fine – we wanted to buy some water for the train ride anyways. So now we would wait 2 ½ hours for the next train going our way. Our driver was very good with making sure we understood how to get to the train. We felt confident we did. So he left. Tay and I walked over to McDonalds with all of our luggage. Even though we did pack light I don’t recommend this. She had a little bit to eat and we headed back to the train station. We waited a little while and then our train was on the big board we were told to watch. It said our train was on track #10. So we trucked on over to track #10 (Down lots of stairs)! We FOUND OUR TRAIN – we were so excited. But now, UH OH -how do we know which is cart 11. So we asked a very nice lady and she pointed to the cart we were standing in front of – What are the chances???? So we got on, found our room after going down the hall a few times. And it was so NICE!!! This time we rode first class – what a wonderful difference. It is a little more money but I believe it is so worth it. I slept so well and Tay made a new friend as she does everywhere we ever go. She hung out with him most of the night. Now, I know you are probably thinking I am crazy to let her hang out with some boy she just met on a train in a foreign country. I was thinking I was crazy too! But he was so sweet and kind. I could hear them talking all night, they would laugh as they were trying to figure out what each one was saying. She had so much fun and I am so proud of her. Taylor can have a good time wherever she goes. So we got here Wednesday at 11:00 am and our driver was right out side the train waiting for us. We drove to pick up Yulia and then we drove all over the place for the next 6 hours. We got Isabelle’s new birth certificate (with Dave and I listed as her parents and with her new name), got her tax number (that’s what they call it (its like a social sec. number I think), we got a bunch of stuff notarized (no idea what) and then we went to the orphanage to pick up the attorney to transfer the money from Isabelle’s account to the orphanage. We waited at the orphanage for about 20 minutes. Do you know how weird it is to be in the building your daughter is in and you haven’t seen her in 12 days and you just have to sit there and then leave??????? CRAZY!!! So we went to the bank and then went back to the orphanage. Finally now we get to go see Isabelle. We wait for them to get her all dolled up and then I hugged her and then we had to bring her to get her passport picture. Tay and me loved her up in the car. She seemed to remember me – I was so relieved!!!! We get to the passport office and they have me put her on a bench that is on a table like thing. So I stayed right there with her. Yulia told me I can’t be in the picture, but I couldn’t just leave her sitting there. So I ducked down and kept my hand on her leg. Well Isabelle thought that was fun, so she tried playing with my hand. The passport clerks did not like that I don’t think because Yulia translated for them telling me not to play with her. I apologized and then the clerks told Yulia to sit by Isabelle and they asked me to stand behind the camera to get her attention so they could take a picture. I was so honored that they felt I could get her to look up better than they could and that I was the distraction when I was next to her and that is why she wouldn’t look up. Of course – I am her MOM and I felt like it for the first time today. Oh, it was just the best feeling EVER. They took a few pictures and then got one that they were all happy with. Isabelle was so good; she just sat there looking around making sweet noises. I was so Proud of her. I thought the clerks might mention what a good girl she was but they didn’t. Oh well, me and Tay knew it!! Then we dropped Yulia off at the train station and we had to bring our sweet Princess back to the baby house. We dropped her off and I told her I would see her in the morning. We drove to the apartment and our wonderful landlord from our last visit saved the same apartment for us. He let us in and we were so excited to finally just be somewhere we could live. We went to the store and then we went and bought a pizza. Tay is sleeping now – she is so very tired. I am going to shower and then bed for me to. And then tomorrow, I get to see my daughter again. YAY!!!!

Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers!!! I think I used most of your prayers on that car ride to the train station last night!!!! So Thank You!!!

Enjoying every moment of her first car ride - isn't she just the sweetest little thing?

Honestly she has the BEST laugh EVER!!!  I can't help but tickle her just to hear her laugh!!!  I missed her laugh so much!!

She just snuggles right in - Oh My - this is my HEAVEN on Earth for sure!!!!


  1. Oh my goodness, I didn't even get to read a word of the post before crying because that first picture popped up and set me off! She's so beautiful! I can just see the love pouring out of Taylor onto her, such amazing girls!

  2. Woohoo Woohoo! I can't tell you how excited I am to read this post. I've been on pins and needles waiting to read that you guys are safe and sound but the bonus was to read all of the wonderful things you've been doing (thanks for the great descriptions). Although I have to admit I laughed out loud when reading about the driving and prayers all used up. Believe me you are never without prayers from the United States!

    Oh Taylor you filled my heart with such joy to see you loving on your new little sister. What a great role model you are going to be for her.

    Bursting with joy here!

    Thank you thank you thank you for posting!

    Prayers to both of you.

    :) Teri

  3. Summer & Taylor,

    I'm so happy that you are there safe and sound. The pictures of both of you with Isabelle are beautiful. We will be praying that the rest of the trip goes smoothly. Summer, Andrea sent out an e-mail about a RR get together in Cooperstown, NY for this summer. How cool is that? We are hoping that you and Dave and the kids will be there!!!!

  4. How Sweet! You can see from the pictures that Isabelle is not going to let her Mommy out of her sight. Your bond survived the separation. What a beautiful story. Best wishes to the entire loving Spitz family.

  5. REJOYCING!!! for the HAPPY REUNION!!!
    I just knew that BEAUTIFUL ISABELLE will remember you. Our MIGHTY GOD promised to take BEST CARE for that LOVE you planted in Isabelles little heart, while you were there
    "last year":)...!!!!! we love all the pics!!
    Have a restfull night!!
    Hugs and Prayers
    the Müller-family

  6. What beautiful photos! :-) So happy for you!!! Crying here too... So glad everything went well with the process and you got the passport applied for the same day. Sounds like "Ursula" was behaving ok for you too as she did for me. It's so fun to read your account of the day, as I can picture it all so vividly in my mind...even the thing they sat her on to take her passport photo.

    You know, I never thought I would say this while I was there, but I really do miss being in that city. I missed it right away when we got to the capital city. LOL So, enjoy your time there and say hi the market people and the #99 marshuka drivers for me. :-)

  7. Oh Summer! I had that very same moment at the passport ofc with Dashlyn! They couldn't get her to look the right way until I stood up by the camera and right after the pic was snapped she put her little arms up to me to pick her up. I hadn't thought about until you just reminded me and now I cannot stop the tears. So much of that whole journey I think is stuck way down inside of me. Thank you for bringing back a wonderful memory for me.

    Waiting for gotcha day!!

  8. AMEN!!! It is wonderful that your travels went well. Isabelle is a beautiful as ever. The Lord has held her close while you were gone and let her know she was so loved. Praying the rest of this trip runs smoothly and looking forward to seeing her fulling in your arms.

  9. oh man, I am crying reading this. I have been reading your blog and praying with you and waiting with you every step of the way, and now it is all unfolding and becoming a real thing. It gives me more hope for our little girl.
    I'm so glad you have had a good trip there and were able to take your daughter with you, what an amazing memory you are making for her.

  10. I can't tell you how happy I am to see you back with her!!! I hate that 10 day waiting period....I am always so worried about what the kiddos are thinking about those fun people that left them. What a great experience for Taylor to get to join you. Looking forward to more and more pics of you guys snuggling and especially for the ones of you arriving home forever!!

  11. Wow busy busy busy! I can tell you all are having a great time! Can't wait for you all to get home! Hoping you all have a great and safe trip back home! Lots of love and prayers!

  12. What a wonderful update! So glad to hear everything is going well.

    The photos of Taylor and Isabelle are priceless. Beautiful, beautiful sisters!! :)

  13. How exciting for you all!!! You post the best pictures!!! So soon, you will all be back in the states!!!!

  14. So excited for you all!!! Praying for a safe trip home. What a lucky little girl. Hartmann Family Circus cant wait to meet her.

  15. I am so incredibly happy for Miss Isabelle. She has so many "firsts" ahead of her, life is just like a big package waiting for her to open. It moves my heart beyond words that a family with so much love will be taking that adorable girl HOME!!