Thursday, January 13, 2011

Another Awesome Visit

We just can't stop kissing this baby!!!

She is such a beauty!!!

Clapping and Singing with Tay

I LOVE this picture - she was just about to dive in to me for a huge hug

Taylor couldn't be happier having a sibling that will snuggle her!!  Isabelle doesn't seem to mind either. 


Mystery meat!  Now we know it is some kind of pork because the pig head and hooves were on the table too.  Tay and I thought it would of been so funny to buy the pig head and an apple, put the apple in the mouth of the pig and take a picture of it in the microwave - We laughed all the way home from the orphanage thinking about this.  We didn't do it - it's the thought that counts right?  LOL!!!

Finished product.  Yes, it is pork and it is very, very good pork.  We had mashed potato's ( I brought a bag from home where you just add water) and they were pretty good too.  And bread and butter.  And the butter is really butter this time.  YAY!!!  Tay brings the Russian guide everywhere with her (Thank you so much Jill!!!)  So she just asks for butter in Russian and Guess what???  You get butter!!!!

Honestly, I am so Grateful for all of this.  I mean to end up with a beautiful daughter after a once in a life time trip to Europe.   And to have experienced this with my husband and eldest daughter.   Are you kidding?  Can this all be real?  WOW - I feel like the luckiest girl in the WORLD!!! 

Still no word on Lyla - Thank you so much for asking about her!!!  We will continue to ask and continue to storm HEAVEN!!!!  I owe Lyla so much!!!!  For she is the reason we are here!!!! 


  1. Too funny Summer!!! The mystery meat kills me!! I love the pictures...I've been sharing them with the girls!!!! Sounds like things are going good!!! Take care!!!

  2. I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again. I CANNOT believe the changes and differences in Isabelle since you first met. It totally blows me away! Go GOD!!! Just awesome!

    I'm SO glad you and Tay are having such a blast together too! Glad the Russian guide is working well too. :-) Enjoy your time there! Aren't you glad you are the "seasoned traveler" now, so you can enjoy seeing everything new thru her eyes? How fun!

  3. I am so glad that you mentioned Lyla. I have been thinking of her and meaning to ask you if you have heard ANYTHING!! It is amazing how she is the reason that you are there getting Isabelle right now. I was just talking to someone today about how if I ever get a chance to adopt from EE, I would love for my eldest daughter to get the experience as well. When is Gotcha Day?