Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things I have learned about myself

1)  I am not nearly as tough as I thought I was
2)  I am spoiled
3)  I am so lucky our family has a car never mind 3 (counting Taylor's)
4)  I do not have to wash my clothes after being worn once
5)  I do NOT like walking by men with machine guns in the street ( I cried)
6)  I LOVE to walk
7)  I want to learn another language badly
8)  I want my children to experience everything
9)  I want to always help others no matter what the circumstance
10)  I Love trying new foods, even carrots on my hot dog - YUMMY!!!

Those are just some of the things I have learned in the last few days about myself.  It is overwhelming being in a foreign country!!  When we were walking down the street today and we saw 4 men in camoflauge holding AK-47's - well that was a wake up call.  I walked by them and just started crying - I couldn't even believe it.  I have never ever seen that type of gun before except in movies.  Well there they were - right there on the STREET!!!!  Are you kidding????  It took me awhile to shake it off!!  Then we stopped at a snack window - the lady was so nice - she understood that we wanted a hot dog.  Thank you GOD!!!  She grilled the hot dog and then pulled out a flour tortilla, she put cabbage, carrots, catsup (i think), horseradish (i think) and pickles.  She then put the grilled hot dog on the toritlla with all that other stuff and rolled it up - put it back on the grill.  Then she poured some sauce stuff on it (no idea) - it was soooooo Good!!!  And it only cost $1.12 - the food here is so inexspensive its crazy!!!

Our visit this morning was so AWESOME!!!  Isabelle was full of energy and she looked absolutely beautiful.  We brought donations to her groupa yesterday after shopping in a second hand store.  Well they must of thought the items we brought were just for her as she was wearing most of them.  LOL!!!  I don't know if I have mentioned how they layer clothes here.  Isabelle will have socks and then tights over the socks.  Pants and 2 to 3 shirts - and she has to wear a coat and hat even if we play inside.  She doesn't seem to mind one bit but sometimes it makes it difficult to get a good snuggle in.  So I will occasionaly slip off the coat - with out being caught of course!!  Everyone has been so nice to us at the orphanage - we have been so blessed.  And today one of the groupas put on a Christmas special - we got to see them in little costumes and we heard them singing.  We were not invited to watch and we knew we wouldn't be so that was fine.  It was just so nice to see them put so much work in to this program and the kids were so excited.  When they left the program they each had a little treat bag and Oh My were they excited!!!  It was the BEST!!!   Thank you God for letting us see this positive side!!!  I am so grateful!!!!!

Well here are some pictures of our little beauty - I just can't get over how much she is changing!!  I hope you can see it too!!!


  1. She is so beautiful! You are so blessed!!

    I remember the first time I saw the machine guns that the carabanerri carry in Italy. I use to live there. It was a bit concerning at first. The week before I got to Italy(I was 14) the carabanerri rode a van down the street and shot all the prostitutes dead. It makes you appreciate America a bit more.

    I pray you are doing well and you and your family will all be at home soon.

    Be blessed

  2. That second picture is sooooo adorable! She's a beauty.

    You're tougher than you think you are Summer (I couldn't eat carrots on a hotdog!), and you're doing an amazing thing. Stay strong, and you have my email if you ever need to talk.
    Love and prayers.

  3. I can definitely see the change! First of all, she is smiling a lot more now- she clearly enjoys being held, tickled and loved upon. Such a cutie pie!

    I can imagine that one learns a lot about oneself on such a trip. It's a lot more than "travel", it must be a "journey" in the broadest sense of the word. Even with carrots on the hot dog ;-)

  4. She is so cute in these pictures! It's really amazing what a few days with a Mama can do!!!
    Isabelle is 3 right? Can you write me and tell me what she's eating?

  5. i can see the change from orphan to daughter and it is beautiful! Isabelle sparkles more and more with each picture you post.

  6. Her smile is so infectious and she looks ready to burst with energy. I bet that when she starts walking she´ll be running all over the place :) I read in her profile that her orphanage was considered one of the poorer ones (if I remember right) so it´s incredible to seeIsabelle so happy and beautiful despite her circumstances. Praying about next Thursday!

  7. DEFINITELY seeing the changes.... Isn't it amazing how much LOVE transforms.... You can feed someone, clothe someone, give someone a home and take care of their basic needs but without LOVE - it is in vain. A picture of what God does for us... TRANSFORMED BY LOVE!

  8. Gratefulness comes in many different forms and avenues. I enjoyed reading your Top 10 Things you've learned about yourself. I, too, am becoming more reflective since beginning the adoption process. Isabelle is a beauty!!

  9. Summer & Dave,

    You are right, Isabelle looks "brighter" everyday. It is certainly from the love of her Mom & Dad. I'm really enjoying each of your posts. It is comforting to know that we have experienced so many of the same things being in a foreign country and had similar reactions. We are praying for you everyday.

  10. Of course we can see the changes!! It is quite dramatic. You have awakened this sleeping beauty. You have given her a reason to be, a reason to love, a reason to LIVE!!

    I'm curious where you are visiting her as I know there is no sofa by her grouppa. Are you upstairs and down the hall?

    Glad you enjoyed the hot dog. It sounds delish! Isn't (most) everything sooooo cheap? Praying for you as your court day approaches. :)

  11. I know exactly what you mean. In those moments you learn something about yourself you just know that it has changed you forever.

    I love the photos.


  12. Oh Summer bless yoour heart, I could only imagine how seeing those men and guns in the middle of the street could have been.

    I am loving all the smiles from Isabelle, and she has changed she looks so much happier!

    ~Lots of love!

  13. You are much tougher than you give yourself credit for! Going half way around the world to bring home a sweet baby you've never met before is pretty tough in my book! :-)

    I can definitely see the transformation too! It's HUGE!!! She is truly coming alive.

    Ok, gotta go work on my "gotcha day" post. :-) Maybe I'll try giving you a call tomorrow afternoon.
    Jill :-)

  14. You think you are seeing changes now? In just a few days? Just WAIT till she is HOME!! Holy COW!! You will be amazed when you look back at the pics from now once you've been home a few weeks! I can see a new sparkle in her eyes. Her facial expressions are so much brighter!! LOVE is awesome!! Give her some extra hugs and snuggles from her RR Cyber Aunties!! I know just how you felt seeing the soldiers and guns. I saw many while in region. A little unnerving. So happy that you guys are experiencing the area, the country, the adventure! I have to admit, I miss a lot of the things there... so much simpler... and less expensive! LOL

  15. Summer & Dave~
    Love staying up to date with you journey/mission through your pics and posts. I definitely see a happy girl that is loved, amazing what a little love can do! I truly believe you have been chosen for this perfect girl. We pray for you each day and know that you will be provided for.
    Love to all!
    Molly and fam