Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Crazy Stuff - Love It!!!!

Just look at this crazy girl - Love it!!!!
She does this with no problem at all - she was just looking at me like "Hi Mom, can you do this?"
I told her "of course I can sweetie" - LOL

We decided for lunch today that we wanted eggs & bacon so we set out on a mission.  Here are the supplies:
Everyday when we walk to the orphanage we pass a man selling meat.  His car is parked and he has cut meats laying on a table and he weighs the meat in the trunk of his car  He does cover the meat with a towel some of the time - I think to keep the flies away.  This man is out there all day, every day.  Atleast 8 hours standing outside.   The first few times I saw this I was sure I would never ever buy meat this way - No Way!!!  Then I realized that this is how this man survives - who am I?????  Am I too good to by meat this way????  Ah NO, I am not - so today we did it.  Dave was pretty confident the meat on the left side of his table was bacon.  So that is what we went with.  This man was so nice, he even said "Thank You" in English when we were leaving.   We bought that whole slab you see up there for $4. 

Oh and the eggs come in that bag - no egg carton - I was sure they wouldn't make it home with out cracking - Wrong Again - they made it home just fine!!! 

So let's start cutting and cooking the bacon:

Dave says "Not sure this is bacon"

Summer says "It looks like Bacon, well kind of"

We bought a toaster today for the apartment so I started toasting.  I opened the butter, it was a little yellow so figured it was margarine.
Well I couldnt wait for the toaster to finish so I tried just a little - Nope not butter, not margarine - it's Cheese!!  A very nice spreadable cheese - LOL!!!

Thought I better open one just to make sure - Confirmed it is a Banana

Always have a back up plan

Ah ha - eggs, pork chops and toast with cheese spread - So YUM!!!!

We are having so much fun expirementing - we honestly want to try and do as much as we can!!!  This is a journey of a life time and we don't want to waste a second of it!!!

So tomorrow is court - am I  nervous??  Um - YES - so super nervous!!!!  And to know that tomorrow night will be our last visit with Isabelle - well it is heart wrenching.  So painful!!!  I can't even believe we are going to leave her here.  She will never be able to understand why the people that call them selves Mama and Papa don't visit anymore.  She will be confined to that darn crib again.  AAAAGGGGHHHHH!!!!!  I thought I had mentally prepared myself for this part - Not Even Close!!!! 

 Think Positive, Think Positive, Think Positive. 

You sweet, sweet Angel - You are too precious for words!!!  We Love You So Much Isabelle!!!!

Please GOD - I know I have asked for so much these last few weeks but please, please let us be successful in court tomorrow.  Please watch over our sweet girl until I can get back here.  Thank YOU for all YOU have done for us - Thank YOU for introducing us to this AMAZING precious gem!!!  Thank YOU for leading us on another MIRACULOUS journey to find our child!!!!   


  1. Cracking up at your breakfast!! LOVE IT!! Praying for court tomorrow.... So thankful that it is moving along so quickly for you guys.... I know it seems like forever but you really are flying!! In a month you are going to look back and it will all have seemed like a dream.

  2. Good luck with court tomorrow I'll be praying for you both.

  3. That's the Dairylea cow! Don't you hav Dairylea in America? They make all kinds of soft cheeses, cheese is more fun than butter anyway right? ;)
    You'll do awesome in court, I have no doubt the court will see what amazing parents you two will be for Isabelle, but I'm praying for you anyway.

  4. Court will go fine, Im sure of it :) After all you have God with you and He´ll make sure everything will go perfect! Isabelle is so adorable and her eyes are absoultely breathtaking, incredibly soulful and vibrant.

  5. oh we want to join you for your super yummy lunch :)... it looks fantastic!!
    PRAYINGPRAYINGPRAYING for a SUCCESSFUL court!! We can almost not believe, that it is already tomorrow!!
    Hugs and Love, Chrisitna

  6. You are too funny! I can't believe you bought meat off the street. :-) Hope you're still alive. LOL You should ask him for his photos next time you pass by.

    Btw, the Russian word for butter is maslo, just the l is an upside down V. Hope that helps! But be careful, they sell chocolate better too. :-)

    Praying for a smooth court process tomorrow! And don't forget the step down into the judge's office. LOL

  7. Know that heaven is being stormed with prayers for a smooth successful court decision and oodles and oodles of protection for Isabelle.

  8. UGH, to leave her now, Goodness. just keep your eyes on the big picture! she will be yours forever. No limited visits, no more good byes! Just day after day of hugs and kisses and joy!

    My husband is from Poland and we bought eggs like that too when we visited. I was shocked!

  9. THr first part of your post made me giggle. Of course we are all that flexible :-) She is adorable. Many prayers coming your way!

  10. Love that breakfast! Love that you are open to this experience! Love that beautiful little girl!!!!

  11. Summer & Dave

    Your meal looks yummy. Now I don't feel so bad that we bought a yogurt smoothy thinking it was milk and poured it on our cereal :) You will do fine in court. The judge only asked me and Tom two questions each, our name, birth date and address and why we wanted to adopt a special needs child. It was pretty straight forward. I know you guys will do fine.

  12. Court is a peice of cake!! You guys will do just fine... as long as you don't have the same judge Julia had... hehe Seriously, it will be just fine. I LOVE that you all are experiencing everything!! SO FUN!! Prayers for your nerves tomorrow!!

  13. Pssst, remember to think positive! ;-)

    Only joking- I am sure you will do just fine. Had the best laugh of the day as you "confirmed it was a banana"- LOL.

    Have you considered signing Isabelle up for the local gym class? ;-)

    Lots of prayers,

  14. She is a doll. I am so happy for you to be going to court tomorrow, I am sure everything will go great. I will be praying for you. It seems it has happened so fast (I mean from the time you met her to court).
    I love your attitude and sense of humor. I bet God is so proud to say "this is MY daughter" :)

  15. I loved going to the grocery store over there. We only bought one OOPS and that was chocolate butter. lol. If you can have yogurt there is some REALLY awesome stuff over there that has peaches and pears in it and it's super yummy (Pic of the container is on my blog).

    You will find that court isn't as bad as you might think. :)

  16. She is beautiful, and is it just me or is she blossoming more and more each day you visit? When I compare her pictures with your 1st visit, I mean this girl seems to have opened up, she looks happy and full of life.
    I can't imagine how hard it must be for you knowing you have to leave her, I feel so terrible when I read about this wait with every adoption that I have followed, I hope the wait isn't too long? I don't know if she will really understand but she might wonder for a day or two where these two loving people have suddenly gone. But just imgine how wonderful and special your next trip there is going to be....I can't wait till you bring her home.