Monday, December 27, 2010

Better each day....

We are fortunate to visit with Isabelle twice each day.  Each visit she gets stronger, more alert and more happy.  It seems crazy I know but it is so true.  The transformation is so unbelievable.  I wish we could capture on film what we see with our eyes.  This evening - is the first time she would look at me - lock her little eyes on me, take a moment or two and then BAM she would smile and dive in for a big tight hug.  I cry just writing this because it is just so AWESOME!!!  The truth is we thought Isabelle was probably developmentally about 6 months old.  Now we think 9 - 12 months!!  She can not walk yet but I know she will soon.  Her little legs are so skinny, no muscle - just bone and skin.  She will absolutely need support for her little ankles too!!  Then LOOK OUT cuz this baby is going to make up for some lost time.  She also showed us today that she has a bit of an attitude - Perfect, she will fit right in with the females of our house.  Dave was holding her and she would push his face to the side - don't have any idea why but she kept doing it.  Then he would turn back to face her and she would push it again.  So then he wouldn't let her push it and boy did she get mad.  She grunted so loud and made the funniest face of anger I have ever seen.  She is tough that is for sure and this Mom LOVES IT!!!!  Today was also the first day we went to pick her up and she wasn't in the crib.  Thank GOD!!!!  I really thought she was in that crib all of the time except when we visited!!!  

Jill, Debbie and Elijah left our little city today!!  We are so happy for them!!!!  But we do miss them bunches and bunches!!!  They are on the train now for 15 hours until they get to the city to finish all the paperwork to get that Beautiful boy home!!!!  Thank GOD!!!!!

My truth:  Going to the baby house is so HARD!!!  Seeing all the children with out a family is beyond heartbreaking.  I can NOT believe all the orphans in this one place.  I have read many blogs that state many of the same things.  The smell, the sounds and what we see here will never leave us!!  I know that I will be forever carrying a deep sadness for all of these ANGELS!!!  My heart has never been so broken!!!  It is not just the special needs children, it is the typical children too!!!  We watched a Grandma come visit her Grandson and she brought another child, we think his sister.  So why does that little girl get to go home and he doesn't.  The Grandma gave the little boy her phone and he was so excited and said "PAPA" - it killed me.  I was crying and just couldn't stop.  I can't stop now!!!  I can't understand it!!!   I know that I am not going to understand lots of things in life but this is BRUTAL!!!  And then when you look at the special needs children that will soon be turning 4 and we know that they will soon be tranferred.  They will not survive this next step - they can't walk so they will be left in a crib to DIE!!!  We know very well if Isabelle was transferred she would not SURVIVE - it is a FACT!!!  If our court date does not go as we pray and hope this could also be her fate.  This is unacceptable!!!!  Please, Please, Please pray for all of the orphans - pray that a forever family will come for each one.  Go to the Reece's Rainbow website and donate!!!  Please, we all need to do something!!!! 

Thanks so much for the continued support - we are so BLESSED!!!!!

This girl has a serious hand fetish

Look what she found - the string off my sweatshirt for a little chew time

She figured out being upside down is kinda fun

And even more fun making raspberries while upside down

Loving a little snug time with Daddy

Making more funny faces - she is so funny!!!  Love this girl so much!!!!!


  1. I agree Summer... it is heartbreaking!! I wished I could speak their language so that I could hear the story of the visitors, and ask why their child was there. I too saw families with other children who would visit a "typical" child in the orphanage. :( I've been home 5 weeks now, and can still hear the cries, and smell the smells from the halls... praise God for His provision for the children. Praying things continue to go well for you!!

  2. I thought the same exact thing about Zoya's legs when we met her. I remember thinking she might never walk because her little leggies were so atrophied from crib life paired with her already low muscle tone. I called her spaghetti legs. Now she is walking, running!, and twirling around in circles!!! Only 8 months later! I can't wait until she is HOME where she belongs. I know how hard it is to be there with the smells and sounds and cries and pit-in-your-stomach feeling. It never fades away, even when you're home, but God has given you his eyes for the broken hearted and can you imagine this is only a fraction of what He sees? Heartbreaking, heart changing for sure. I think you have to see and experience yourself what Isabelle came will only help you to love her more like God loves us.

  3. Summer,

    Wow, I was thinking the same exact thoughts today. I can't get the little ones from Julia's group out of my mind. It causes a constant ache in my heart and I can't turn my mind off from thinking about it all. Isabelle is just precious. Glad to see her showing some "tude". From what Caleb and Tom tell me, Miss Julia is doing the same thing. Thinking of you often and hoping everything goes fine from here out.

  4. It is great to hear that Isabelle is growing daily!!!! I loved your description of how she smiled and dove in for a hugs, makes my heart jump.

  5. This does break my heart!! That is why I was so beyond excited when I first found out about you adopting Isabelle. I know I told you how much she had weighed on my heart for so long and you are doing your part to save by one is all that we can hope for....I sure hope that someday I will be saving one but until then, all I can do it pray, advocate and donate to help others. Please give her kisses from me!!

  6. Summer- I can only imagine how hard that is. I will pray for strength for you while you are there. I love seeing all the pics of Isabelle she is such a cutie, and I love that she is showing attitude lol. Sending lots of love and prayers!