Monday, November 29, 2010

Summer Spitz

Okay I know my name is a little different and I had thought until TODAY that I had heard everything when it came to my name.  So many jokes over the years - it has actually become kind of fun having a different name.  Then I married Dave and added "Spitz" to the fun and that just brought on a bunch of new jokes.  And again, I thought I had heard them all.  Well I was wrong!!  We made our travel arrangements last week and I was waiting to hear back from our travel agent with Golden Rule on a few things.  Well I never thought I would read this:

I had a most annoying surprise when I checked your booking just now. The
airline has canceled it because of "a fictitious name". It's German, of all
things! I shot off an email to Lufthansa and told them that your name is
not fictitious, and I'm waiting to hear back from LH.
How about that?  They don't believe that Summer Spitz is my name and they cancelled my reservation??????  Uh Oh!!!  I should explain that this was the last seat on a flight for December 19th and there were NO flights on December 18th.  Oh My!!!!  Have I mentioned that this adoption business is one bumpy ride?  I think I have!  Anyways I don't care how bumpy it is - I am going to hold my daughter soon - Bring on BUMPY!!!!!
Please GOD work your magic!!!!!


  1. You seem to be taking it in stride. I would have been TICKED! I hope they give you the seat back, they should have to. satan just doesnt want you to have that baby. Well, too bad! Right!!! be blessed.

  2. Oh boy. Haven't you had enough excitement lately?

  3. Oh my gosh! Cancelled the ticket without even asking for any confirmation about the name, that's just rude.....

    I'm sure that you will get that seat after all, I'm praying for you about it.

    :) Teri

  4. Oh dear!! This just means once you get there things will go off without a hitch :) Hang in there Summer Spitz...:)

  5. Maybe you'll get updated tickets for this mess;) Well, one can hope right? Such sillness, they should have asked for confirmation before they cancelled them, some people.... But you are right, regardless of all of the bumps, your baby girl is waiting for you and you have an apointment to be with her SOON:) Can't wait to see a photo of you with Belle in your arms!!!

  6. They can just cancel it of their own free will? Ridiculous!! I don't even think your name seems that odd. I can't believe that I have to wait at least 3 more weeks to see pics of that beautiful girl :) It will be the most wonderful Christmas present!!

  7. Oh no...BUMPY is right! Hoping you get on that plane! Your little girl is waiting for you! :-)

  8. That's ok - imagine our delight this morning when the first two emails in our in box came from "summer" and "autumn" (another RR mom). Just be glad your last name isn't Lococo. Meet you in Eastern Europe soon.

  9. So sorry to hear that....but there is this little sign of my selfish hope, that you probably will travel anyhow thru our country to EE....
    That would be AWESOME!!! Still a chance... please forgive...:):)
    Love, Christina

  10. This will be a great laugher... someday! Not right now, I suppose.

    The company really should upgrade your flight, that's the least they can do after making such a blunder. Plus, there are usually a few first class or business class seats left even when the plane is packed ;-)