Friday, November 26, 2010

Just So Super Excited!!!!

I am just so excited that I am going to hold Isabelle by the end of the year!!!!  It is really real!!!!  We are going to meet our DAUGHTER!!!!!  Wow!!!!

Honestly, We are so BLESSED!!!!!  And I am so very Grateful!!!  But (sorry I had to have a "but") - I so wish that we would be able to meet Lyla too!  I wish we just had a small opportunity to tell her how much we love her and how much she has changed our lives.  I want to Thank HER so bad!!!!  I want her to know that she not only saved me but she saved Isabelle too!!!!  I would love to tell her how much we want her home and how we think about her constantly!!!  I would love her to know that I wouldn't leave her side for a second if things had been different.  I want her to know how proud I would be to be her Mom.  


  1. Although I've followed your blog for quite a while, I've never commented before. But this time I just had to say that you are experiencing what must be the ultimate bittersweetness... Not being able to get Lyla home, and still- or even because of that- getting to love Isabelle as your daughter.

    It must be beautiful, but oh so very tough. Best wishes to you!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I wish you were able to see Lyla in person also.

    Holding Isabelle is going to be so wonderful. I'm very happy for you and your family.

  3. I really wish you were able to see's so hard but God is working through you for Isabelle. I can't wait till you get to see Isabelle, it's hard to believe that the day is almost here, so so excited for you guys.

  4. So excited for you! Wish we were able to be here at the same time and I was able to give you lots of info. I'm so sorry about that. Happy Packing though!

  5. So excited for you that you're going to get to hold Isabelle soon. Knowing it is hard for you, wishing you could hold Lyla too. Praying God lets Lyla know how much you love her.


  6. It just so happens that where I am on the page leaving this comment is RIGHT beside Lyla's picture. I too SO VERY MUCH wish that you could meet Lyla while you are in her country. If for nothing else to be able to give her those few sweet seconds, minutes (more would be AMAZING) of loving attention only for her. To reasure her in person that she is so loved and cherished. Just thinking this for me breaks my heart and I am crying (almost sobbing), I can`t imagine how it must feel for you. That said, I truly believe that with all of the love of the many, many people out here have been sending her, coupled with the extrem love from your family, that she must feel that she is loved and cherished. A child could never miss that much love being sent to them. I hope that you feel the love that we are all sending to you as well.