Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My name SAVED us $200

Eldon at Gold Rule Travel had to start all over with booking our flights.  This time he decided to throw in my middle name to help with the "fictitious name" thing.  So now, Summer Mary Spitz and Dave Spitz have flights to EE and they are $200 cheaper that the tickets that were cancelled!!!!!!!  Wow, God is Good!!!!!

Yipppeeeee!!!!  We leave December 19th and get to our destination on December 20th at 1:10 pm!!!!!

Oh Isabelle - Mommy and Daddy are getting so close sweet girl!!!!!!

Thank you GOD!!!!!!!!!


  1. Isn't that just like God?!?! I love it! Eldon rocks too!

  2. God is definitely on your side :) Yay, only 19 more days!!

  3. YA hoo! I'm so glad that this worked out Summer. We will be praying for a safe journey for you and Dave.
    Patty & Tom

  4. Wow, you'll be there before you know it:) So happy for!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see that lovely little Belle all snuggled up with her Mamma and Poppa :-)

  5. Summer, that is awesome and I cannot wait to follow your journey and be (hopefully) as encouraging to you as you were to me! Please you're taking all my best wishes and prayers full of easy process for you!