Wednesday, October 6, 2010

William M. Novick, M.D

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!  I talked with Laurie today at and she was beyond kind and so super sweet.  She gave me the name of a pediatric cardiac surgeon and his e/m address.  She said send him an e/m and tell your story.  Well, I did!!!  And he e/m'd me back - Can you believe this????  He is in Egypt right now and he took the time to e/m me back.  WOW!!!!!  Unfortunately his question for me I wasn't able to answer :(  He wanted to know what surgeons said it was a "risk".  I was honest and said I didn't know and that I didn't even know what hospital Lyla was in.  Now I wait for his response.  Oh, and Laurie told me often they hear from parents in foreign countries that Doctors are not willing to "risk" surgery and this is when Dr. Novick steps in and does some miracle work.  She told me she couldn't promise me anything but that I should definitely have some "HOPE".  Oh my and I do, I have HOPE and FAITH!!!!!!  THANK YOU GOD!!!!!    And did I mention they have another trip planned to the area where Lyla is at the end of October beginning of November!!!!!  Who's plan????  Oh ya, GOD's plan!!!!!!!

Check out  the website:

Going to bed tonight one heck of a happy camper.  Dossier is off and Dr.Novick knows Lyla's story!!!!  This was a VERY VERY GOOD DAY!!!!!!

Thank you for all your prayers - They are working!!!!!! 


  1. I am in tears. All of a sudden Lyla's future is clear in my mind. Hope is an amazing thing. Can't wait to hear more!!!

  2. Oh Summer, I am so happy!!! I pray that this wonderful doctor will be able to find and help Lyla!!!! Oh wouldn't that be the biggest blessing!!?? I am praying that he can!! God please don't let him be too late!!

  3. Summer that's EXCELLENT news!

    Praying that this is the answer to all the prayers for Lyla's future.


  4. How wonderful! PRAYING for your dear, beautiful Lyla!

  5. Love Love LOVE this post!