Wednesday, October 6, 2010

We are getting so close Isabelle!!!

I never expected the range of emotions I would have when mailing our dossier out to EE.  Many families post how hard it is to let those documents go - well I now officially understand.  It's just unreal!!!  Here is this stack of documents that mean so much.  Each page, Each signature, Each notary, Each authentication and Each apostille were the steps necessary to bring home our daughter.  It is very stressful - there are lots and lots of rules - we had a checklist to go with each document.  I mean this is serious, serious stuff!!!!  These papers save a child's life - Perfection is absolutely necessary!!!!  We had to rely on many people and had to trust that they would understand the urgency in processing them quickly.  I have protected these documents as if they were living.  They were always locked away safe and sound and when I handled them - it was as if they would cry if I touched too hard.  I'm not kidding - I was obsessed with keeping them safe!!!  And then BAM just like that you had them over to a USP clerk and she throws them in an envelope, prints out a air bill , sticks it on and throws in a pile to be shipped out!!!!  I think I stood there for like 10 minutes - thinking "WAIT - WHAT JUST HAPPENED?????"  - I might of even said it out loud, I honestly don't know.  I did hear the clerk say "okay, they will get there on Friday, that will be $155"!!!  So now I am out of the trance - I pay her, get my receipt and I exit that store.  I get in the van, call Dave and start balling "Honey, It's on it's way" and he said "Good Job Sweetie"!!! 

So I will be tracking that dossier probably every second until I see the confirmed delivery!!!!

Please GOD see that our dossier gets to our facilitators SAFE and SOUND!!!!!!!  And Thank You for making it possible that we were able to get everything done by the deadline!!!! 

Yep, GOD IS GOOD!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Summer,

    CONGRATULATIONS! I know that feeling when the dossier leaves your hands, joy and fear all at the same time. We will be praying that it arrives safely and ahead of schedule.


  2. PRAYINGPRAYINGPRAYING that the dossier arrives SAFELY and VERY QUICK!!!
    What a DAY and MOMENT dear Friend!!!
    I share the JOY with you!!
    Be all BLESSED!!

  3. AMEN!! keep us updated with every stop that dossier makes!!!!!! I remember tracking mine and checking it about a million times a day!!! God has big plans here :)

  4. SO exciting!! You will be submitted before you know it. I love all of you happy news:-)