Saturday, October 16, 2010

Love 'em so MUCH!!!!

I can't ever say it enough, I just love these two crazy kids so much!!!  Dave and I are constantly asking each other "How did we get so LUCKY?".  We are so very GRATEFUL for these PRECIOUS GEMS!!!!!!!!

This beautiful little man is always so happy and easygoing!  He is a huge snuggle bug and he has the biggest heart - he just loves and loves!!!!

This Princess can't even take a second from her busy playground time to look up for a picture.
I Love this spunky girl so much.  She is little but she has an attitude as big as TEXAS.  She runs this house and she is very proud that she has everyone that lives here wrapped right around her tiny little finger.

Thank you GOD for bringing these WONDERFUL children in to our lives. 

Oh My, Adoption is GOOD!!!!!!!!!


  1. The pictures are so sweet! I opened our blog back up from private now. Sorry we went private out of the blue like that..we had an issue that has taken care of itself now:) WE ARE IN EE!!!! AND WE HAVE MET OUR LITTLE ONES!!

    I pray that very soon you will be here!

  2. thank you so much for praying for Meg. And also thank you for all of the positive comments. I know now that I am actually reaching out to someone. (also your children are beautiful. I can't wait until my sister and your girls can play together!

  3. I love how into her play she is. Too cute.

    Your little man has such an awesome smile....