Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fabulous Family Day

We had a fabulous family day today.  We went to Port Farm and enjoyed all the activities they have to offer.  Slides, Corn Maze, Pumpkin Slingshot, Corn Box, oh and Yummy Food!!!  What a great way to spend a beautiful Fall day!!!

This will be our LAST Fall Festival with 5 children.  Next year I hope to show off 2 more daughters!!!

"Now this is the LIFE"

"I can't believe you found me"

I know I can fly, I know I can fly, but just in case Thank GOD Daddy is right there

Sara is putting the food in the goats mouth and Owen is trying to put it in his nose. (poor goat)

"Look, I am a BIG boy"

Nick and Sara in a very serious race

Being upside down is always so much more fun in a corn box

Now Mom and Dad need a nap!!!!!


  1. You have sych a gorgeous family! We're supposed to go to the pumpkin patch next week - hope the weather stays nice!

  2. Looks like a GREAT day:) Your little ones are adorable. Can't wait to see your pictures next year;p

    OT - I love the song on you blog, but I always turn it off. I never actually heard it, until I heard it here, and now it always reduces me to tears. I CAN"T wait for Belle, and Lyla to be home with you.

  3. We almost went that day!!! Wish I would have known you were going! This time next year, we're going TOGETHER with our beautiful Ukranian princesses!!