Friday, October 8, 2010

Dossier Tracking

Just checked the UPS site for the latest info on our dossier, here it is:

10/8/2010 8:37:00 AM IN TRANSIT TO KOELN (COLOGNE),  DE

I have no idea where that is and I am going to look it up right after this post.  But it gives me the chills just knowing it is getting closer!  Our sweet little Isabelle will have a Daddy, Mommy and lots of siblings very soon!!!

Unfortunately I have not heard back from Dr.Novick yet :(

The little twin boys we are having for respit are sweet little love bugs!!  Oh my, so wonderful and so fun!!!  It was interesting getting 4 toddlers ready this morning before we had to be at work but WE DID IT!!!!  And I would like to note that we made it to work on time and the big kids made it to school on time!!! 

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey - it is so exciting!!!!  I want you to know that I read all the comments over and over again left on this blog.  It amazes me all of the wonderful people that take time to be a part of this and wish us well.  I hope all of you someday feel the support we have felt over the last few weeks.  It is something so special and we feel so BLESSED!!!!!!


  1. Germany, DE is Deutschland:) It's getting closer!!!!

  2. Thanks Ladies - I had no idea!!!! Yeah, Germany!!! Oh my!!!!

  3. NOT far from us....I mean for the american meaning for distances:):):)
    Unfortunately I can not go over to tell them to be VERY VERY CAREFUL with this LIFESAVINGPACKAGE!!! So I KEEP PRAYING!!!

  4. Wow Germany! That is very exciting.

    Four toddlers and out the door on time. I'm super duper impressed!



  5. Yes it's reached Cologne in Germany so you're definately getting closer. So excited. Will be praying all goes well. Both the girls are in my prayers, especially little Lyla.