Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hey, where did the weekend go?

This weekend went by so fast - I can't even believe it!  We had two of the cutest little boys for respite for 4 days.  They are 2 1/2 years old (same age as Isabelle) and they were so FUN.  Owen and Sara had a great time with them.  Well except when Daddy would pick up one of the boys - Sara wasn't a fan of that.  She made it known very quickly to the twins that he was "MY DADDY"!!!  I think Dave would intentionally pick up the boys just so he could hear her say it - he is so PROUD to be hers!!!  It is really something so special to see!  I am so lucky to witness so much love - honestly, nothing is better!!!!! 

In August I bought Sara's adoption outfit from Gymboree.  Yes, I spent way TOO much money!!  But it was going to be such a special day and I just wanted to get her something we wouldn't normally buy!  So I DID!!  So from spending an obscene amount of money on one outfit they reward you with $50 in Gymbucks!  Today was the last day that I could use them or they would expire.  You have to spend $100 to get the $50 off - so yes they are a very, very smart business!!!   So I decided I wanted to use the gymbucks for Isabelle's "gotcha day" outfit.  Oh my, did I find something perfect!!  I am so excited to put in on that sweet little girl!!  Since the orphanage shaves her head frequently it seems, I didn't get a hair bow.  But I did get the cutest little beret ever!! 

Unfortunately I didn't get any e/m's from the pediatric cardiac surgeon for Lyla!  I so hope I will hear something tomorrow.  If not - I will e/m him.  I am trying hard not to annoy him since he would be doing the worlds biggest miracle for us!!!  Please GOD!!!!!!!!!

As for our dossier - well it didn't get to it's destination on Friday as promised by UPS.  It will get there tomorrow.  My plan is to wake up at like 3 am to track it - to make sure!!!!  Not that I can do anything about it but I sure will feel a lot better knowing it is where it needs to be!!

I hope everyone had a Wonderful Weekend - GOD BLESS!!!!!

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