Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dossier, Lyla and Isabelle!!!!

I had so hoped that our last apostilled document would of been in the mail yesterday - but it wasn't.  So TODAY must be the day that we mail our our dossier to EE!!!  It is very bittersweet!  These last few months the plan was to mail these documents to adopt Lyla and now, well - it is a little different.  Now, today when these go in the mail, they will be heading to EE to save Isabelle!  So, Yes I am excited and Yes I am very sad!!! 

I have been so blessed to e/m with a wonderful lady who also wanted to adopt Lyla but the timing wasn't right for her family yet.  In our correspondence she mentioned that she had pictures of Lyla!  I couldn't even believe it - I was so excited!!!  I asked if she would be willing to share them to me - And she did!!  I had no idea, didn't realize for a second that looking at these pictures would send me just a little bit over the edge.  I couldn't stop crying!!!  The beautiful little girl in these pictures looked so HEALTHY and absolutely GORGEOUS!!!  How could she now be dying?????  I was a MESS!!!!  I was trying very hard to get it together but I couldn't.  I was grieving for sure and I was so MAD that all of this could of been prevented.  After a few hours I "woke up" - and decided I needed to do something for Lyla besides crying at my computer!  So I looked for the number for baby heart dot com and wrote it down.  But I didn't even know what hospital she was in????   How could I call them with no information????  So I sat for a little bit and opened a new e/m from Christina (Lyla's prayer warrior - I had shared the new pictures with her too), her e/m was pretty simple - CALL BABY HEART DOT COM!!!!   Absolutely - there was the sign I needed!!!!  I would call them and let them know what I did know and maybe they could help from there.  Unfortunately the lady I spoke with said I would have to call back today (Tuesday) to speak with Lori!  You betcha I will!!!  Isn't all just Amazing???  How things work in perfect time???? 

THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!

Lyla needs surgery to survive - that's the bottom line!!!!!  So please, please keep praying for this ANGEL!!! 

Now all about Isabelle!!

Stephanie who has just been back from adopting 2 little boys from the same orphanage that Isabelle is in.  Also sent me a picture!!  In the picture are 2 BEAUTIFUL little girls.  One laying down and one sitting.  Well, I just assumed the princess laying down was Isabelle because in the Reece's Rainbow picture someone is holding her in a sitting position.  So I shared this picture with another wonderful MOM who wanted to adopt Isabelle but the time wasn't right for her family.  She KNEW that Belle was the one sitting up!!!  So I asked Stephanie and it was confirmed that our sweet little Belle is able to SIT!!!  OH MY!!!!!!  I cried again (yes, I am crying a lot lately)!!!!  Yes, she is 2 1/2 years old and what a blessing that she is able to sit all by herself!!!  OH MY!!!!!!  THANK YOU GOD!!!!!  I can NOT wait to hold that little love and just kiss her sweet little face!!!!!!  WOW are we so lucky - so blessed to be able to adopt 2 of the most GORGEOUS babies these eyes have ever seen!!!!! 


  1. Ok... so now you've got ME crying!! Thank God for you and your love for your girls Summer. Still praying for sweet little Lyla's healing so she can come home and know that love first hand. Praying for you too!!

  2. Crying here too. Oh I want all these kids to home come and have love and a family and all the medical care they need! I'm so happy for Isabelle and will keep Lyla is my prayers.

  3. Oh my...this all just breaks my heart and amazes me all at the same time. Are you by any chance allowed to share these pictures with the rest of us. I would love to see an updated picture of Isabelle. Praying that your call the heart baby dot com is successful!!

  4. I am so thankful that you are adopting lil miss Belle as you are referring to her as. I think she is just precious and I am partial to her - she and I share a birthday! Yay for you guys!