Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Yuck and Yeah!!!

The Yuck:  The apostilled document did not come today :(   So I called Albany to check and they said "We didn't receive any documents from you to be apostilled".  I said calmly but starting to tear up, "the tracking shows that you received it Friday, October 1st".   She said "Well I am sorry, it's not here, I will take down your phone number and call you if it comes in.".  AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!  Yes, I'm crying again at this point because the fear of re-doing, having notarized, having certified and then apostilled in a very, very short time frame is bombarding my brain.  I tell myself "Calm Down" and "Think"!  I call Fed Ex and they tell me who signed for it, the time and date.  So I call Albany back fighting back tears and try explain how important this is and I tell her the name of the lady that signed for my precious documents.  She says "I will have to speak with my supervisor", she put me on hold for what seemed like 17 years and I was just trying to set up a Plan B.  She gets back on the line and says "It was mailed out last Friday"!!!

I said "Thank YOU SO MUCH!!!!"

Now, there were a lot of things I wanted to say, many words that are not nice!  But I was truly so relieved that "Thank you so much" was the first thing out of my mouth!!!

Please, let it come in the mail tomorrow so I can send off these Life Saving Documents to EE to bring our sweet Isabelle HOME!!!!

The Yeah:  We got a call today to do respit for a set of 2 year old twin boys!!!  How fun!!!  I am so excited!!!!!!  Owen and Sara will have so much fun having 2 little friends over for the weekend!!!!

Haven't heard from babyheart.com yet!!!   I will post as soon as I hear something!!!

Oh, and I am waiting for permission to show you the pictures of Lyla and Isabelle!  I'm telling you, be ready because these are some good looking girls!!!!  And thank you so much for asking to see them!!!!!

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  1. Good news on the paperwork, that's exciting to know they did receive them after all.

    Oh twin boys! How fun!