Sunday, September 19, 2010


I had mentioned a couple posts ago that I faxed 81 pages of our dossier to Eastern Europe.  Reece's Rainbow works with a group of wonderful people in the area where Lyla's orphanage is.  They review the faxes and make sure we don't have any mistakes before we mail our dossier for submission.  I have not heard back on our faxes yet, I hope to hear something tomorrow.  I received the last 2 pages of our dossier Apostilled from Albany on Friday, so I have everything ready to go!!!  This is so exciting!!!!  We are getting so close!!!!  So the next step would be to mail it off and they will translate everything and then hopefully submit our dossier to the SDA in a couple weeks.  After we are submitted we should receive a date to travel and meet our beautiful little girl!!!! 

It's all so crazy!!!  It was just 3 months ago that we started this journey and you just never ever think you will get to this point.  The point where you send off all these beautiful documents (the ticket to your waiting Angel).  I think Satan pops in his head quite frequently when you are trying to Adopt.  I have noticed this with our other Adoptions too!  But this one a little more.  Everything I did for this adoption brought a fear of "oh my what if.........", I am typically not a "what if..." kind of girl.  Well, I guess I am that kind of girl now.  Satan is just a Big Fat Bully and he is outraged at the LOVE that so many people are sending Lyla's way.  He really should just give up because no one is backing down!!!! 

Again, I want to Thank all of you for all the support!!!  This has been an Amazing journey that we feel truly blessed to be a part of.  So many wonderful people Praying for our sweet girl and for us.  It's just all so wonderful!!!!   Oh my, I just can't wait to hold her and tell her this story.  The story of all the people that LOVE her and have prayed for her.  The story of people not giving up on her ever.  She lives in a place where people look at her different because she has Down syndrome.  People that may think her life is not worthy.  People that feel she is not deserving of a life saving surgery.  Yet, people on this side of the Big water are storming Heaven with prayers and they haven't even met her!!!  Our worlds are different and all though it makes me almost insane to think about these things - I know this is all they know.  They don't understand, they cant comprehend what a blessing this little girl is.  They don't understand how she will thrive with Love and Nurturing!!!!!  They are confused that Americans want to adopt a "damaged" child.  We will not change the way they think - I know this! 

But, We will - Thanks to all of YOU - change the LIFE of one Little Girl!!!!

THANK YOU GOD!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Thank you so much for subscribing to my blog! Ever since my mom started emailing with you I have prayed for your family and Lyla, and followed your blog very closely everyday!

  2. Summer, Sweet Blessings to you! What a great loving post.

    Praying for Little Ms. Lyla. Can't wait to hear good news for your future plans to go get your girl.


  3. Don't forget to post a pic of those pretty apostilled docs! It's such a feeling of accomplishment. :)

    And you never know - it may start small but all of us running over there to bring home these gifts from God may change some minds. Maybe they will start to see these kids differently. I'm just so thankful to get the chance to love and bring home our girl; and watch others get the chance to do the same. It's a joy to see these kids blossom and grow and learn!